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Golden Graham

There's an emotional goodbye with Ty, which DeAnna says broke her heart, but she's actually thrilled because Jason's willing to do that to put his heart out there, and that means a lot. "It's too bad that Ty was crying, but it was done for me, so yay!" Then they sit and talk about love, and my eyes roll back up in my head and I couldn't take any more.

On now to Raleigh, North Carolina, where Deanna's going to see Graham's home town. She suspects that Graham has a hard time with the other guys around (chief among the clues, I imagine, is the fact he TOLD HER HE'S HAVING A HARD TIME WITH THE OTHER GUYS AROUND) and this is a chance for him to open up. So far, the one time he has opened up, she got mad at him, so I don't imagine it's high on his priority list right now.

After DeAnna pulls up at Graham's old high school, they hug for about five hours. Then they head over to the basketball court, where Graham has set up a little lunch, with a couple of custom-made jerseys. "Is that your last name?" she asks when she sees one. What? Tell me she meant something else. Tell me she already knows his last name. Tell me when she talks about falling in love with this guy, she, previous to this, thought to herself, "Mental note: I SHOULD FIND OUT HIS LAST NAME." I'm going to give her the benefit of the doubt on that one. She's self-absorbed, but she can't be that self-absorbed, right? I'm no DeAnna fan, but I think she said, "Is that your last name..." and the "...I see on my jersey?" was unspoken.

They play basketball for what seems much longer than any NBA playoff game, and then they sit on the bleachers and talk about Graham's family, and Graham talks about how his dad is quiet and also a role model. She compliments him for "talking" so much, and he says it's easier when it's just them. In a talking head, she talks about how "pleasantly surprised" she is that he's so talkative.

Graham admits that it's been several years since he's brought a woman home, and it's going to be "different" this time given the circumstances. They hug his parents, which is a "positive, upbeat start" to the visit, like maybe he'd been expecting the boiling oil when they arrived.

Graham's mom asks DeAnna if she can truly know if they can have a life together after such a short time. "Do you think you know Graham now?" she asks "I'm getting there," she says.

Graham's mom shows Graham's bedroom, crammed with trophies, while downstairs in the kitchen, Graham and his pop bond over how hot DeAnna is. Upstairs, DeAnna asks Graham's mom if he's ready for her, and Graham's mom admits that he doesn't let people in easily, and DeAnna says she's worried that she's falling for him more than he's falling for her. In a talking-head, she says she's still not sure if Graham's ready for something serious.

Afterwards, they sit down for a little chat on a bench. "What's on your mind?" she says. "Everything," he says. Then he clams up, and then takes issue with her pointing out that he clams up when something's bothering him, and then they awkwardly say goodbye. DeAnna says despite him shutting her out, she still falls for him more and more every time they're together. But she doesn't know if she can spend the rest of her life begging him to fall for her. Doesn't seem like that tough a call, actually.

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