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Golden Graham

And it's back to the mansion. "We're fixin' to go from four guys to three," says DeAnna, adding that it's a completely impossible choice. She says her relationship with Jesse has progressed normally. They were friends first, and now the romantic stuff is falling into place. Things have been perfect with Jeremy since Day 1, but she has to be in love. Uh-oh. That doesn't really sound good. With Jason, she says she never thought she'd fall in love with someone who already has a family. But she's also wondering if there's room in Jason's heart for her. Then she looks at Graham's picture, and says she just always feels comfortable when she's with him. When do they plan on showing us the "comfortable" parts? It's her opinion that struggling with someone makes the relationship better, or some such nonsense.

Jesse gets the first rose. Then, Jeremy. So it's down to Jason or Graham, and she --eventually -- chooses Jason. Wow. The right call, for once. Graham looks less than brokenhearted about it, unless he smirks a lot when he's broken-hearted. Nice of him to wear his good jeans tonight. "You did what you thought you needed to do," he says, as she walks him out. She manages to mention Brad in the very first sentence, accusing Graham of leading her on like Brad did. "You are more than entitled to your opinion," he says, adding that it's fine if it makes it easier for her to tell herself that. "All I wanted was for you to be that person in the end, and open up, and let your guard down, but you couldn't do that," she snaps. Then there's a dramatic pause. "I am saying goodbye to the one person that I was falling in love with," she says. He's one of about half-a-dozen guys that she's said she's falling for, though. "When you leave, it ends here," she says. God, would that that were true. Graham won't even look at her now. She says she has to walk him to the car. He gets up and reaches into his pocket. Instead of awesomely pulling out his middle finger, he pulls out a piece of paper, saying he knew there was some things he wasn't going to be able to say, so he wrote them down. Sounds like someone knew he was heading home this time. He says she can read that or not or burn it or whatever. And so much for Graham. Maybe he can be the star of Emotionally Stunted Bachelor? In the limo, Graham's eyes are actually watering. She sits on the bench and reads his card, but we're going to have to wait to find out what it says, if we ever do. I vote for "please don't read that to us."

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