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F@#in' Phuket

Out in the bar, the men are all dissing Ryan, because they have nothing else to do. One of them makes the usual statement, "If she thinks he has the whole package, well, I..." the men don't let him finish, because NO WAY. Inside, Ashley is getting cozy with Ryan. He has his hand on her thigh and she claims that they have IT. It's too early for Chlamydia, so maybe she means chemistry? Outside, the men continue to curse his presence and claim that if he gets the rose again on the group date they will all just stamp their feet, pout, and leave. Then Ashley pulls J.P. out for a pina colada and a walk in the rain and some "I like you," "Really? Say it again." "I like you!" talk. Then they make out on the ground as chastely as possible for two people to make out on the ground. Then J.P. carries her back to the bar, just to piss off all the other men. Cut to Ames getting his date card and trying to muster enthusiasm for whatever may lay ahead. Ashley is about to hand out the rose, when Ryan jumps up and begs to have one more minute with her. Which is admittedly kind of annoying. The men grouse as Ryan hauls her out for a reminder of how awesome he is. They head back inside and, despite having made out with J.P. quite heartily, she gives the rose to Ben F. because OH MY GOD HE COMES WITH FREE WINE. The men look relieved that she didn't give the rose to their fabricated frenemy Ryan, but then just look pissed that Ben F. got it and Ashley declared that she was getting "strong feelings" for him. And to think, just last week she had "strong feelings" for Bentley!

The next day Ashley wanders the beach thinking about moving past Bentley by bringing him up constantly. She knows she needs to "open her heart" to "connect" with somebody. She is waiting for Ames, who she knows is smart (he probably told her a bunch), but doesn't open up much in front of the other men. Ames tells us that he has been to Phuket several times, as one does when one is a portfolio manager. However, he always came alone (dirty) but now is ready for a woman's company. He further explains to Ashley that he came here once after college and then again for cooking school. And then with that one statement, a whole world opens up for Ashley. She suddenly imagines herself climbing mountains with a fleet of Sherpas carrying the heavy stuff, racking up passport stamps taking painting and language and cooking classes, and being a rich bitch with access to the Harvard Club. Ames is SO going to the final four. I mean, if you don't want to punch him, you want to marry him.

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