Season 7 Episode 5

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Beau Thai

Then Nick sits down with Ashley and he manages to be even more poorly dressed than Constantine. Ashley is still moping when she goes to sit with J.P., who assures her that he thinks of her as his one-and-only and he is in heavy like with her. Then he compliments her outfit and she compliments his. She stares at him and sighs wistfully when he asks what is going on in her head. She ditches J.P. and starts moaning to the camera about Bentley (some more, again) and how she needs closure and she will never get over him ever never. So are they going to bring the schmuck back on or what? Promise him some promo time for his trampoline arena, get him over here, and be done with this, because it is nothing but annoying, repetitive, and boring. If I wanted to hear someone whine obsessively about a guy who is just not that into her I would watch Sex and The City re-runs, where at least they are better dressed.

Ashley mopes about some more and then goes to talk to Chris Harrison about her undying need for closure about Bentley. To her credit, she does seem a little embarrassed about the fact that she is still daydreaming about what could have been with that yutz. Harrison, to his credit, pinches his mouth shut and shakes his head at Ashley's big old bunch of stupid. She claims she feels really strongly about some of the guys, but keeps thinking about Bentley. Harrison points out (rightly) that she is not being fair to the men on the show, because she is not going to find love if she is constantly thinking about Bentley. He asks her what she wants to do. She claims she just wants to talk to Bentley and ask him a few simple questions like, "Do you like me?" She adds that if Bentley doesn't like her, she will respect that and not stalk him or anything. Chris Harrison rolls his eyes and shakes his head and says he will see what he can do. Does she know they are in Thailand? Is she aware of that? Ashley nods and Chris tells her he'll work on it.

However, she has a Rose Ceremony tonight and she needs to send someone home. Can she stop moping over the chucklehead who left her long enough to go kick someone off the show? She says she'll try. I am so scared for the world when Chris Harrison makes perfect sense.

It's finally time for the Rose Ceremony. The men are all lined up and Harrison gives them the rundown: Two guys (Ben F. and Blake) have roses and there are six more to hand out. Ashley comes in and strings together a bunch of words about honesty and how she hopes this Rose Ceremony is honest or something. Oh whatever. Then she gives Constantine the first rose. Lucas gets the second. Wouldn't it be funny if Ames got a concussion and not a rose? J.P. gets the third rose. Ames finally gets a rose, and fourth place is pretty lousy for a guy who got a foot in his face for love. Mickey is next and then it is the final rose of the evening.

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