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Party of Five plus Jake and Vienna

Harrison asks Vienna if there is anything she would like to apologize to Jake for. She stares at Chris Harrison for a while trying to figure out if he is serious, then she turns to stare at Jake for about ten minutes, and then she fake apologizes for going about things the way she did, BUT she knows the real Jake, and she knows that he would have done it if he could. Jake snorts that she doesn't know him at all, she interrupts him, he snaps, "DON'T INTERRUPT!" and he does not use his nice voice and Vienna bursts into tears, stands up to storm out, stops to tell Jake he is the meanest person she has ever met, and THEN storms out crying. God, I hate both of these people A LOT. I mean, Jake is clearly a domineering ass with control issues and Vienna has serious interrupting issues, which could drive a person to snap. I don't know whether Vienna's yelling and crying is preferable to Jake's smug superiority. I just know they are both EXTREMELY annoying people. As Vienna weeps in the bathroom, Jake shrugs that this is what their fights are like. Then he settles himself next to Harrison while Vienna sobs some more in the can. Jake swears he has never been in a relationship where he has had to raise his voice, but sometimes you just can't get a word in and you get mad. Wow, Jake: You're a dick. Wipe the smug smile off your face and GET OFF MY TELEVISION. That said, I would probably want to hit Vienna if I was forced to fake a relationship with her for months. But, I would never be in this situation. But, that's enough of that. Chris thanks everyone for showing up and then reminds us that Ali is still on her path to love and her love will be lasting and real and beautiful and holy and will never involve the tabloids until they get married and have babies and want to put those babies through college with the money.

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