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Ed's Dead, Baby. Ed's Dead.
Then Tanner comes along to talk to Jillian, and I don't know why he's bothering since her feet are covered up by snow boots. And guess what he wants to talk about? Who's got a girlfriend! Tanner says he "wasn't trying to throw anybody under the bus" and says she'll figure out who's there for the right reasons, because EVERYONE MUST SAY THAT, and then he tells us in an interview that Wes is the guy Jillian needs to watch out for. And I happen to think that Wes's "Love don't come eeeeeasy" song is a far greater crime against humanity than him possibly already having a girlfriend.

Speaking of Wes, Jillian's talking to him now, and all I can say is thank god Wes didn't bring his guitar with him on the snowmobiling trip. Jillian asks if the other night was stressful, and Wes talked about how he was pissed off, and as far as being there for the right reasons, Wes points out that he's the one with a new CD coming out, which ought to set Jillian's mind at ease, especially when he couples that with talking about how he was working on the CD for long before he came on the show, plus he didn't sign up for the show; his sister signed him up for it, and it's no big secret what he does, so he doesn't feel the need to talk about it anymore (except for right now, I suppose). And he's surprised at the feelings he's developed for her. And then Jillian tells us she loves Wes and he's a great guy and kind of bad-ass and I can't hear the rest of what she says because I started banging my head against a wall, mainly because I knew it would be less painful than listening to this. And then they start making out. In an interview, he says he has his own thing going on in Texas, and it's true that this publicity will be good for him. Note that he doesn't say, "That's not why I'm here," but "I don't want her to think that that's why I'm here," which isn't quite the same thing.

So after a gorgeous mountain sunset, the guys and Jillian are drinking at an ice bar at a lodge reserved just for them, and then Jillian gets up on the ice bar to Coyote Ugly it all up. And she feels she owes it to the guys to talk to them about her concerns, which makes NO sense, and then she's hanging out with Kiptyn and she wants him to feel how wet her ass is, and then they're talking about the girlfriend situation. "I feel that I could read that something was bothering you," says Kiptyn, who might be an empath on a supernatural level if he could tell something was bothering a crying, angry Jillian. And then the next thing we know they are making out.

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