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Loser Is As Loser Does

Chad steps into the limo and they use some sort of weird effect I'll just call SadScope, where he makes his way across the seat in kind of a slomo but not really. It's hard to explain. And I'm just so sleeeeeeepy. Chad tells us how hard it's going to be to walk away from this "empty-handed and broken-hearted." Where is that car driving him, through the suburbs of Promo City? He's just speaking the show copy! I'm surprised he doesn't go on, "Y'know, that was the most shocking rose ceremony ever. I mean, like, it really makes you wonder if he'll propose. And if she'll say yes. I live with my mom." But what he mournfully intones instead is, "It just doesn't seem fair." He thought they would end up together. He was wrong. He notes that Meredith feels stronger about the other guys, but he can't imagine her sharing the "connection" they had with those two other scrubs: "You look your whole life for that right person. And then you think you met them and everything is cool. And it's pulled away from you. And you never see that person again." You'll see her at the reunion special.

Back in the house, Meredith toasts to "the two of [them] meeting [her] family. Finally." Next week. In Fantasy Suite II: Room Service OF DEATH.

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