Jillian and the Four Remaining Bachelors Go to Spain

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The Spanish Inquisition
ying? Aside from more screentime? She thinks Wes should regret coming to Spain if he has a girlfriend, but if he didn't, he should have shown her some (any) affection. In the limo, he gives that smarmy grin that I know and hate. Then he's got a drink in his hand and applauds himself for the fact that he's the first guy to make it to the top four with a girlfriend. I hope he's really proud of himself. He says his acting days are over, but he had gone as far as he could go with Jillian. He talks more about his crappy music and how important he is. He's planning on partying in Spain with the ladies... which I'm sure his girlfriend will love. Then he says something about Reid, which has to be censored. He talks about how Ed wouldn't get a nibble in Texas, and then I think he says something about wanting to meet up with some ho's. I have to go take a shower now.

Jillian says she's proud of the three guys she's got left, and she feels like a lucky girl. They are leaving Spain and heading to Hawaii. Great, we'll get to see Kiptyn's nine-pack. In three weeks it is the finale. Three weeks? It looks very teary. Naturally.

There's a scene over the credits from Reid's date, where the duo spot an orange tree and she climbs on his shoulders to reach them. Are you allowed to just pick fruit off of someone's tree randomly on the street? Guess it didn't matter since they weren't able to actually reach it. And there's two hours of my life gone that I can't get back. At least the scenery was pretty.

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