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With This Ring, I Thee Ed

Jillian says it's weird to think today will be one of the very best days of her life, which makes me feel really sorry for Jillian. Anyway, the limousine pulls up, and first out is Kiptyn. Harrison welcomes him and leads him through the lobby or whatever and Kiptyn says being around Jillian is "a buzz," which had me laughing so hard I didn't hear the rest.

He goes out and joins Jillian on Proposal Point, and then he just starts babbling on about all the awesome things they've done, and he's excited, and he wants to have kids and get married and he thinks he'd be the luckiest man to have that. "I love you. And I want to spend this life with you," he says. Uh, is that a proposal? Jillian looks pained. Uh-oh. And then she talks about how he's so awesome and is everything she's looked for. Only "emotionally it's been slower," and then she admits she's fallen in love with someone else. I guess that must have just happened, because up until now she's been saying she's in love with two guys. Kiptyn says it hurts a lot, but he tells her that he wants her to be happy. He hugs her. She cries and says she's sorry. Well, she should be! After all, he wants marriage and definitely could see her being the one that he might consider falling in love with! He says Ed's a lucky man.

She walks him down the walkway and out into the limousine, and he drives off. He reaches into his jacket for the ring that he DIDN'T ACTUALLY PROPOSE WITH and he says he didn't pull out the ring, because he thought she was going to say something after he babbled on forever about how awesome their dates were, or something. Oh, and also he wasn't ready to propose, but has been pressured into it by this show. (Well, he didn't really say that.)

Jillian tells us that telling Kiptyn goodbye was excruciating. I agree! She talks about how crazy she was about Kiptyn from day one, and Kiptyn will make some girl very happy someday. And Kiptyn is still talking in the limousine. Relax, guy. You're the twenty-ninth guy to get rejected this season. He says something about getting his heart broken, and he rubs his face really hard.

Almost done. Almost done. Almost done.

Jillian gets over Kiptyn really quickly because here comes Ed! She says it's weird to think that in a few short minutes Ed could be walking down that path and she could be engaged. And then pulling up at Proposal Point is a ... taxi? Well, it's no secret if you watched last week's previews: Reid gets out, and he tells us he had to pull a lot of strings to get here. You can tell how important this is to him, what with him not bothering to wear a shirt that you TUCK IN or shoes that AREN'T SNEAKERS. Harrison says he knows Reid has a lot to say to Jillian, but he doesn't have a lot of time because Ed's on his way.

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