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I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend
you wanna believe that," and Jillian says she doesn't know what to believe. She says Jake is someone she trusts, and she doesn't know why he would mislead her. Wes offers that Jake "misheard," which is hilarious. She asks him if he were the last guy there, would he at least date her? "I wouldn't leave," says Wes, and he tells her he's not playing any games, and that he's not a good liar (agreed!) and she's got to figure this out. Jillian asks if he would want to work this out with Jake. "Bring him out. I don't care," says Wes.

So Jillian calls Jake. Of course, the cameras are already in Jake's hotel room (which is probably just a couple of doors down anyway) when he answers the call. Jillian asks him to come down, and doesn't say anything about Wes being there, but Jake knows what's what. "He's not going to lie to me," Jake tells us.

Jake knocks, and Wes opens the door. "Well, Jake. The man of character," says Wes. Heh. Jillian rubs her eyes on the couch. Wes figures they need to talk. Sho' nuff, Wes. They sit down on the couch, Jillian between them, and Wes starts in with Jake having a motive and a shit-eating grin, and Jake wants Wes to look him in the eye and say he didn't tell Jake on multiple occasions that he had a girlfriend. Jake also says Wes thumped him in the back of the head when Tanner had spoken up, like Jake had let the cat out of the bag. Wes is all "what are you talking about?" and goes on about Jake wanting to ruin his character, and Jake gets all self-righteous and what he's gone through to come down here, and Wes makes fun of Jake being on bended knee, talking to god, which makes me wonder if Jake talked a lot about religion that didn't get anywhere near airing. Jake tells Wes he's disappointed, and Wes says he is too, and even Jillian has had enough at this point and says she needs to figure things out and sees Jake to the door. Jake apologizes to Wes, and Wes makes a "whatever" face at him. Jake tells us that it's been an emotional roller-coaster and that Wes should be ashamed to still be here. And you know what? I like Jake enough. But him breaking down and crying in the hotel hallway? Give me a BREAK.

So now Jillian sits down next to Wes, and tells us she doesn't know what to believe. That's what she tells us. To Wes, she says, "That was weird," and Wes agrees that it was weird. So does she follow through and meet his family? Wes says something about not wanting this to affect things, that he doesn't want to drag things out if it's not going to come to anything. Well, Wes, if you're telling the truth and Jake is lying, why should this affect you and Jillian? But Jillian doesn't see this giant red flag and starts crying that she wants to meet his family. Wes keeps clearing his throat. Despite the fact that she seems to want to keep going, Wes says he wishes he did have a girlfriend so he could say that she busted him, whatever THAT'S supposed to mean, and despite the fact that Wes is now clearly trying to get Jillian to end it with him, Jillian doesn't see it and still says she'd like to meet his family. "Meeting his family might help lay some of those rumours to rest," she tells us. How awesome would it be for Jillian to show up and have his family be all, "Uh, you're not Laurel!"

So it's apparently late by the time Wes and Jillian get over to Wes's place, where Jillian meets his stepmom Renee, mom Caroline, and three sisters. Jillian says it was tough to put on their poker faces, but there was some tension there. She says she thought it would be fair to tell them why they were so late, even though it's Wes who broaches the subject at the dinner table, and says one of the guys who got kicked off the show came back to tell Jillian that Wes has a girlfriend, and the various women around the table are all shocked and go the "they're just jealous" route and say that guys have always been jealous of Wes and everything he has going for him. Well, it don't come easy. That's for sure.

Jillian goes out to talk to Wes's stepmom, who says Wes will tell her the truth, and that he would have stepped out of the process already if he didn't have feelings for her. "He doesn't have three or four relationships going on. He's not like that," says his stepmom. "Mmm-hmm," says Jillian, WHO HAS FIVE RELATIONSHIPS GOING ON. Or does Mom mean that Wes only has one or two or three relationships going on? Anyway, the upshot is that Jillian is relieved to find out from the totally unbiased observers in Wes's family that he is as totally awesome as she thinks he is. "Wes wants to be loyal. Wes wants to be a one-woman man," says Jillian. "Wants" to be? It's actually really easy to do, Jillian. Meanwhile, Wes's sisters are ridiculously good-looking. I'm on Team Wes's Sisters! Then Wes tells us that Jake is who Jake is. Which is, according to Wes, a piece of shit who needs to get off his high horse. He says Jillian likes him, which is all that matters.

And now Jillian's back in L.A., which was a relief after the ups and downs. "Austin just about pushed me over the edge," Jillian tells us. She can't handle any more surprises, she adds. Well, then she's probably disheartened to see that the cameras are just filming her for no apparent reason in her hotel room when there's a knock on the door.

It's Ed. What have you done? You were out! He jokes that he was "in the neighbourhood." They sit down to talk. She says she's happy that he's here, but she wants to know why. "I realized that I made a huge mistake," he says. He says that he got home and couldn't stop thinking about her. He says he needs another shot. "Are you kidding me?" she says, not angrily. She says she's not sure if he's aware what she's gone through. He says that he broke down a little, and he felt terrible, and he kept thinking about it. "I made a bad choice," he says, and he wouldn't want to do it again. I hope he means "I agreed to be on The Bachelorette." She hems and haws and says she has to make sure she's fair to the other guys, and he acknowledges that there are other guys here who she's compatible with, but he doesn't think any of them would be more compatible with her. "I want another shot," he says again. She says she has some concerns but he should come to the rose ceremony tonight, and he instantly gets excited and starts babbling that he'll come, that she can make her decision there, and he promises he won't let her down. They hug, and Jillian says she doesn't know what to think, because Ed has already let her down once before by WANTING TO KEEP HIS JOB. She says Ed's taken a lot of time away from her, and she needs to think about the other guys, and since she's got to cut it to four, now she's going to have to cut two guys tonight.

After the commercial break, Jillian tells us that tonight's rose ceremony is going to be "borderline excruciating." It's weird that she doesn't know it would actually be an improvement for anything on this show to be only "borderline" excruciating. She's struggling because Ed's in the mix, but she hasn't met his family.

She sits down with Chris Harrison, for the nightly "Jillian gets a chance to babble all the inane things she didn't or maybe already did babble already earlier this episode" portion of the episode. This is also known as "Daniel checks out a classic hockey game for a few minutes involving the Edmonton Oilers on the wicked cool DVD set he got for Christmas" portion of the evening.

And then my favorite part of every episode: the last ten minutes! Chris tells the dudes that what they don't know is that there is someone else joining them for the rose ceremony. Ed strolls out, and reactions range from impassive (Wes) to disbelief (Kiptyn) to grinning (Reid, who's totally going home tonight).

And then Jillian comes out, and the guys all smile at her. Thankfully, while not all of them are wearing ties, at least none of them is wearing jeans (unless maybe they're dark jeans). Jillian babbles the usual nonsense about hard decisions, and then picks up the first rose. My prediction: Reid and Jesse are going home, unless she

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