Jillian Visits The Bachelors' Hometowns

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I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend
decides that it's not fair for Ed to come back, especially since she hasn't met his family, in which case it will be Reid and Ed.

So, first rose: Reid. D'oh! Well, never let it be said that I'm not an idiot. Reid, with his glasses, is looking particularly Chandler-esque. Then it's Kiptyn, then it's Ed. Last rose is up for grabs for Wes, Michael or Jesse, and it goes to... Wes. Michael shuffles his feet and stares at the floor and Jesse stares straight ahead.

He comes over, gives her a perfunctory hug, and doesn't say anything before walking out. "I feel like shit right now. This sucks," he tells us, adding that if he were a betting man, he would have bet on himself making it. He blames Ed for taking his spot. Michael smiles as he approaches her to give her a hug, and tells her it's OK and he'll miss her. "For a girl that just dumped me, who just broke my heart, I could not say a bad thing about the girl," he says. Aw, Michael. He comes off like a goofy kid, but genuine. "Aw, man, I straight up loved that girl, didn't I?" he says, and adds that the next time he saw her he would have been down on a knee for her. He hopes that it's not a case of not recognizing something until it's gone. I can't even make fun of him. He seems so sincere. If it's any consolation, Michael, I can't imagine good-looking guys who can dance will ever have a hard time finding someone to spend time with.

Jillian tells the remaining guys that they're going to have a fun week in Spain, which has everything she thinks of as fun: "food, fashion, architecture and romance." Are Wes's sisters invited?

Over the closing credits, we watch Kiptyn's parents play the guitar and sing "The Bachelorette Blues," which is totally polished and refined. I'm kind of surprised Kiptyn's stepdad isn't wearing a monocle.

Team Wes's Sisters!

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