Oh, The Humanity!

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Ryan's Hope

Ryan, will you accept this rose? Trista barrels on, telling him that "it's not just [his] poetry," neglecting to add that he's still around, in fact, "in spite of the poetry." She doesn't even allow him the chance to answer. Well, when you talk to a rock...

And finally, Greg, will you...WHAT? WHAT! Greg's name isn't "Bob"! What's going on. Stamp stamp stamp! This is what my feet are going! Feh. Bob's a hella nice guy, but I probably wouldn't have chosen him either. But let's totally hang out.

Chris steps over and informs the un-rosed gentlemen to say their goodbyes. Bob gives Trista a hug, and she whispers furtively, "If I had five to give, you...hands down." The comfort! It is so cold!

Jamie hugs her and tells her, "It was nice meeting you." Trista apologizes, and he's aggressively "whatever" about it. Rob near tears, notes, "Some of the guys who are in the final four wouldn't have made my final fifteen."

Glasses are clinked and toasts are made, the remaining four celebrating that they lived to see another day.

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