One of the Bachelors Has a Surprise for Jillian

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On to the roses. She's basically crying as she gives the first one to Kiptyn. No real surprise there. He's serious and apparently decent in the sack. Then she stands there for an interminable amount of time, before she calls Ed's name. Aw. Poor Reid. He really never stood a chance. I still think he's totally adorable though. On their walk out, he tells her he hopes she made the right decision, and that she seems undecided. She says he was everything she wanted, but she was scared he wasn't that committed. He says he should have opened up sooner. They sit on a bench and cry together for a while. Then she escorts him to the limo, where they hug and cry some more, before he gets in. He drives off and she goes and sits back on the little bench and just starts bawling. Reid's limo ride is significantly more subdued than Wes's. He ponders if he should have opened up more, and sooner. He says that his elimination is his own fault, and he doesn't like to see her with either of those guys.

She pulls herself together, after Ed comes down the hill to retrieve her, and toasts to the last two guys. She tells them they'll head to the big island next week. Clink.

Next week, the Men Tell All. And God willing, Daniel will be back.

Relive this Bachelorette season's worst moments!

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