Trista & Ryan's Wedding, Part 1

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Death Wears A Sweater Set

Off to the bachelor (Bachelor?) party and the girly party we go, kicking it St. Martin-style. Shots of pretty white sand fade into a meet-and-greet of the wedding party and a few additional guests, who...oh, crap! It's Russ! He found us! I don't know how, but he found us! Run for it, Marty!

Seriously, what's that dude doing there? Let him tell us for himself, okay? "Ryan and I were really good friends on the show." In the fantasy world cartoon book based on The Bachelorette entitled Greasy Satan and Frankenstein: The Engineered Adventures of Russ and Ryan. AND BOB! SHUT UP, BOB! La la la la la la la lee lee loo!!! I can't see Bob anymore! The only saving grace of recapping this miniseries is that it wasn't about Bob.


Am I dying? Because my life is flashing before my eyes. And from the looks of this, my life sucked.

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