Season 7: Episode 7

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Emily is crying before she even gets out of the car, which ups even Ashley's tear quotient. Chris hugs her as she tries to pull it together. As they settle into chairs in the Man Manor, she licks the lipgloss off her veneers and talks about how hard it is to be back in the mansion. Chris makes his most comforting puppy dog face, puts on his listening ears, and asks Emily about Brad. She claims that he's such a gentleman and he's good at expressing how he feels and he is completely different from any other guy she's ever met. After that super confusing response, Chris asks for clarity on the relationship status and Emily cries as she explains that the relationship is over, the engagement is off, and they will love each other forever. She adds that she and Brad were living on the "dot dot dot" which I think is a Bentley shout out? Which: EEEEEEK. Although Bentley is probably cashing in some trampoline arena tokens and booking a flight to Charlotte right now. Chris asks Emily if she is still in love with Brad, and she claims that she will always love Brad and she will always regret what happened with him and won't let anyone talk badly about him in her presence.

It all sounds so sweet and amicable until Chris asks her what happened specifically. That's when she starts talking about red flags and being a single mother and needing to be certain that Brad would stick around and that he would want to be with her and she just wasn't. She really wanted to be a wife and have more children, but it just wasn't working out, which was her biggest nightmare. You know, the big nightmare where you get engaged on national television to a known semi-sociopath who carts a personal therapist around with him and then it falters when it comes to real life. Also, if your fiancé died in a plane crash that you were supposed to be on and then you found out you were pregnant five days later, wouldn't you be a little cautious about tossing around phrases like "biggest nightmare."

Emily claims that she always thought that as long as you love each other and producers are footing the bill and your child care needs are all taken care of and you're flying from exotic locale to exotic locale without a job or a care in the world, that things would work out. She thought love was enough to hold an entirely fabricated relationship built over three weeks of competitive dating with a passel of other women together forever. Emily doesn't know if she and Brad would have made it outside of the show, but they would have had a better shot. They are in touch frequently now. Chris knows that they are protective of each other and he sees how torn up she is. Emily says she just wants to focus on being a mom right now and not worry about someone lurking in the bushes to take pictures of her. Which, I think we can all agree, is a noble goal.

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