Season 7: Hometown Dates

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Back in California, Ashley meets Chris Harrison at the Man Manor. Ashley looks very happy and well-rested, so Chris decides to dampen her mood by reminding her that the last time they were in that room she was sobbing over Bentleeeeeeeeeeeeee. Ashley laughs it off and claims she has no regrets about anything. Ashley goes to face her suitors. She thanks them all for letting her meet their families. She is looking for a good man, a family man, and she knows she has four of them. However, only two are allowed to continue. The first rose goes to Ben and the second to J.P. The third is a toss up. She loved Constantine's family, but Ames has the pedigree and the real estate. So who does she choose? She picks the strip mall over the mansion and opts for Constantine. Ames looks gobsmacked as Constantine goes to collect his rose. His motherboard does not compute. Ames very politely offers Ashley his elbow as he escorts her outside. He thanks her for the opportunity and the memories and claims he is grateful for having her in his life. Then he hops in his limo and closes his eyes and looks very Error 404 page not found. He finally admits that he feels dumb, that he fell in love with someone who didn't fall in love with him. He thought it was real. See? Even the Ivy League can churn out chuckleheads. Don't worry, Ames, maybe you can find love on Bachelor Pad.

Inside Ashley tells Constantine, J.P. and Ben that they are heading to Fiji, where they will drink only Fiji brand product placed water... and maybe fall in love.

Melissa Locker a.k.a. Lulu Bates wonders if Ames is wind up or battery operated. You can follow her on Twitter @woolyknickers

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