Season 7: The Final Rose

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The Grand Finale

Ashley fixes her make up and tells us she said goodbye to a good man and that was risky, but she is so in love with J.P. Their relationship is everything she's ever wanted in a marriage (a relationship with a guy or two or 12 on the side? Nice.) Ashley thinks J.P. might break her heart, but she had to "risk it." J.P. lands in his seaplane and is greeted by a stone-faced Chris Harrison who walks him to Ashley and wishes him luck. Ashley smiles at him and gives him a huge kiss. They admire each other's outfits and then J.P. launches into his speech about where they all started and where they are now. He remembers stepping out of the limo like it was yesterday. However, his biggest fear is falling in love with her and her not reciprocating. But he needs to take a leap of faith... and he is. He tells her that he is madly in love with her. He loves everything about her. Before he can propose or anything, Ashley blurts that she is so in love with him and loves him forever. No fair! Ben had to propose without any word from Ashley. After Ashley declares her undying love for him, J.P. gets down on one knee and asks her to marry him. And then they start playing REO Speedwagon's "I Can't Fight This Feeling" because WHY THE HELL NOT as we see a montage of J.P. and Ashley's great love affair. Then he picks her up and spins her around and she says, "I love you, baby." Then Ashley gets her $16,000 dress soaking wet in the ocean. And that folks is love, American style.

Melissa Locker a.k.a. Lulu Bates is really really drunk. You can follow her on Twitter @woolyknickers

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