Season 8, Episode 4

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Ego Tripping

Cocktail party time. The guys are in their suits, with "Jef" and John and Doug all wearing their roses. Ryan blusters on about how confident he is that he's sticking around thanks to the great conversation he had with Emily. Arie tells us that Ryan's confident about everything, so this is a load of crap.

Emily comes in and then takes Alejandro for some one-on-one time, since he didn't get any kind of date at all. Meanwhile, the other guys discuss what a blow Ryan's ego it would be if he got sent home. Really? I don't believe it would dent it one bit, given the way he's now telling us how blessed and romantic and athletic and charming he is, and how he's evaluating Emily because he doesn't want to fall for the wrong person. "I'm just doing my due diligence, I guess you could say, at this point," he tells us. Nothing more romantic than that!

Arie strolls in to steal Emily away, which Ryan takes as a compliment, because obviously the other guys see him as a threat. Arie, meanwhile, figures Ryan is threatened by "Emily and I's" connection. Emily does seem to enjoy herself more in Arie's easygoing presence versus Ryan's barrage of bullshit.

And now that one guy who has long hair and who also didn't get a date this week is sitting in front of the fire with Ryan, who admits that if things don't work out here, he's "involved with the media back home" so he'll do "Bachelor Ryan, Bachelor Augusta." That's because he thinks that he may be "called" to something even bigger than Emily. His ego is growing exponentially at this point.

Then the rain rolls in, and someone calls it "weird-ass weather," whatever that means. Sean has been bummed since losing the rowing competition, but he's mollified when Emily tells him they did a good job and he looked "super-hot" doing it. He asks her how Ricki would feel if she got married. Emily's answer seems to suggest Ricki would be OK with it because that's what Emily wants. "How about you?" she asks. Uh, how would Ricki feel if Sean got married? "I'm up for anything," says Sean. Do you guys want to start making sense some time soon? Oh, and now they're kissing. "Each time we kiss, it's something that I want to do all the time, and I think she feels the same way," he says.

Meanwhile, Doug and Ryan are chatting about they're not gunning to make sure they get a kiss, and joking about how they're not allowed to refer to others being younger. Speaking of being younger, Emily pulls Chris outside to talk, and he tells her that he was really offended when Doug said that since he's 25 he's not ready to be a father or a husband to be with Emily, and the fact that that's how he interpreted what Doug said says pretty much everything you need to know about Chris's maturity level.

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