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Bros Before Hos and Common Sense

Mike Stagliano tells her that he's OK and he's really thankful that he met her and he learned a lot about love and I couldn't hear the rest because I was gagging too much. Thank you, St. Jillian! Juan says instead of overshadowing what Mike said, he's going to agree with Tanner P and point out that her feet are really hot. And she points out that she's wearing mango mango, and in that instant I think Tanner P accomplishes what Ed could not last week.

Then we get a wacky hijinx blooper montage, of people knocking over basketball hoops, and the lights going out, and Tanner F waving at a bee. "These guys keep getting harder and harder," Freudian slips Jillian (obviously filmed before last week's episode). Since we see a couple clips of Jillian corrects herself, it boggles the mind that the finished product we get to see, of Jillian's incoherent ramblings, are the best takes. There is a bunch of farting, including Harrison getting off a "pull my finger" on Jillian. As always, the inclusion of these clips on the actual corresponding shows would go a long way to making the show a lot less of a chore to watch.

Is this the final segment? I think it is! Harrison keeps a straight face when he talks about how next week will be the moment that America has been waiting for, when we find out whether it will be Kiptyn or Ed who gets down on one knee and offers an equivocal qualified proposal of a marriage that will never actually come to pass. We watch some clips of the two of them, even though the only one anyone cares about is the one from Hawaii last week where Ed couldn't, um, hoist the mainsail.

Next week, the moment everyone has been waiting for: the end of the season!

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