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Bros Before Hos and Common Sense

So let's talk about Wes. Harrison says the question remains: was Wes here looking for love? "Or a two-timer looking for a music career?" I don't know if Harrison knows what "the question remains" means.

We watch a Wes montage, and the audience manages to hold its smattering of boos until the end. I don't know why they're even bothering asking the guys about Wes's true intentions, since it seems clear why he was there. I mean, I know they edit the show funny, but I don't think they're yet putting words in people's mouths, so when Wes has explicitly said that he has a girlfriend and was just there to sell CDs, what is there left to discuss here? Especially given that he had the good sense to not come on tonight's show. Weirdly, Tanner P mentions Jake calling him and saying he was 100 percent sure that Wes has a girlfriend, even though earlier tonight he says Wes told him. Tanner F says Wes told him that he had a bunch of songs that he wrote for a girl back home. Sasha sticks up for Wes like Wes is his dad or something, saying it makes no sense that Wes would write a song about falling in love quickly for someone he's been with for six years. Because songs are always one hundred percent literally true, Sasha. John Lennon was actually a walrus, Sasha.

A couple of the guys stick up for Wes, saying it's fine for a musician to bring his guitar on the show, and one of the guys says he said exactly how he felt. "But not to Jillian," points out Harrison, which is confusing to the pinheads who come on this show and expect the other bachelors to live the "bros before hos" philosophy. David says from the beginning Wes said he wasn't sure if he was going to fall in love but thought it would be good to promote his career, but after a little while says it became real for him. Yeah, Dave, he was lying. He admitted to it. What is this debate?

Oh, god. More audience questions. Well, comments. Some dingbat says Wes was on for the wrong reasons and Jake did the right thing. And then Harrison wants to hear from a "dude," and I can't believe any self-respecting man would even be in the audie -- oh, there's one. He says Wes was a joke from the "git-go" and he also thinks Jake did the right thing, if his motives were right. Someone else says Wes used the show to advance his own career. Harrison asks for any Wes supporters. There are none. Yeah, great debate. Harrison allows one more comment, which is really four comments too many, especially when this woman says, "If it walks like a snake, and it talks like a snake, chances are it's not the kind of guy that most women would want to date." I hope she mangled that idiom on purpose. I'll give her the benefit of the doubt.

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