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Uncontrolled Substances

Everyone feel better? After Trista's answer -- "There's [sic] two different kinds, and I have experienced one" -- I don't think she feels better at all. Two different kinds? Meaning, like, the one you give to yourself and the one that someone else gives you? Or is it even more textured than that? Because I'm kind of hip to all of this -- I know where the "Ensler" section is at my local independent bookstore -- but I don't have access to that equipment, like, ever. So maybe I'm missing something. And maybe I don't ever want to find it. ["Ask your mom. Actually, don't." -- Wing Chun]

Paul -- who apparently was on this show once -- busts in with a question of his own: "Now that the guy that you're with has seen the previous episodes and seen you getting romantic with the other guys, does he have a problem with it?" In fact, Trista responds, it has been hard. But that's it. She's booted by Chris, man of the spotlight. His mother must have made a few calls.

Who will Trista choose? Charlie or Ryan? What we get now is basically a preview for next week's Episode of the Inevitable. Clips of Trista and Charlie falling in love, clips of Trista and Ryan enjoying poems about whales. Do you see how we can all save ourselves two hours next week? It's pitted to be a battle between "the dreamer and the realist," and we return to find Chris hyperbolizing, "For the next week across America, there will be a lot of opinions about who is most right for Trista. But in the end, she alone must make the choice." Tune in for the decision "we've all been waiting for." Chris thanks the guys for coming, smooths his pleats, and calls his mom to tell her he thinks the whole thing went just fine.

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