Trista & Ryan’s Wedding, Part 2

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Lamb, Meet Slaughter

But not where Cryin' in, off wandering in totally dry circumstances, on a tiny island! That really is the smallest low pressure system in the history of The Sadlands. He walks cobblestone streets by himself, stopping to pet a stray dog along with way (awwwwwwwww!) before quickly returning to the bar. And...there he is. Two hours, we learn, he was gone. Concerned glances abound, everyone happy to see him except a seriously wasted Ben, who slurs something about how now "he's our friend again." Ben's famewhoring is impressive because it's so ambitious.

And, finally, reunited (and it feels so good). Knowing as if by instinct where she would be, Ryan walks into the hotel lobby just as Trista exits the bathroom. "Nothing else mattered anymore" at that moment, Ryan tells us, because "she was back." Conventional wisdom shouldn't even BOTHER having to point out that she wasn't the one who left.

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