Master of Reality

by Daniel Manu April 29, 2008
The Jonathan Murray Interview

TWoP: There's certainly been a lot of pushing and shoving, hair-pulling, and threats of violence on BGC this season. How do you know when it's time for someone from behind the camera to step in and break it up? Is there a particular line that has to be crossed?

JM: The guiding principle [for] all of our directors is that we don't want anybody to get hurt -- seriously hurt. It's a television show, ultimately, and that's why we will step in when we see that someone could get hurt. But it's a gray line and the person on that [shoot] has to make that judgment call.

TWoP: Will The Bad Girls Club return for a third season?

JM: We hope so! I think this season is running about 15 percent over last season, though Tuesdays are a tough night. But when your show increases ratings it usually gets you another season.

TWoP: Would you consider moving the show to another city, or is Los Angeles really the perfect location?

JM: L.A. is the place, plus with the show's budget, we need to shoot it in a town where our crew sleeps in their own beds. We don't have the budget to take it somewhere else where we'd have to bring crews into town and put them up.

TWoP: Would The Bad Girls Club work on a network other than Oxygen as The Bad Boys Club?

JM: I don't know... I find that men tend not to be as interested or as open. Women are more likely to want to improve their lives; they want to see if they can grow from an experience. Guys are usually less interested in that stuff. If guys have a problem, a lot of times they'd rather not talk about it. They'd rather avoid the conflict, whereas women seem much more open to conflict; much more open to feeling that they have to be heard.

TWoP: Could The Real World, Bad Girls Club, or other candid reality TV shows be what they are without the presence of alcohol? Many of the most talked-about moments on shows like yours involve cast members who are not quite themselves, let's just say.

JM: Well, we don't provide the alcohol for our shows. If someone wants alcohol, they go out and buy it. In real life, people tend to use alcohol to loosen up a little and reality TV participants are no different. We're not going to tell them they can't have alcohol. They're adults, they have to make that decision.

TWoP: So when they move into the house, the refrigerator is not stocked with booze?

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