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by admin January 14, 2009
The Kayla Interview

It wouldn't be a season of Oxygen's hit reality TV series Bad Girls Club without someone leaving the show prematurely, and in the current third go-round, it was self-described "born hustler" Kayla Carter who exited early in typically dramatic fashion, following a violent dust-up with housemate Amber M. at the end of the fifth episode. During her relatively brief stay in the house, viewers saw Kayla hunched over a strip-club's toilet, naked in the back of a limo and screaming bleeped-out invectives at her co-stars. But when we talked to her, several months removed from her experience, we discovered another side to the on-screen story, along with plenty of surprises about her relationships with the other bad girls and why she ultimately chose to leave.

TWoP: Kayla, why did you want to be on Bad Girls Club in the first place?

KC: I watched it the first two seasons and I didn't really think anybody was that bad on the show, and it is the Bad Girls Club, so...

TWoP: So you wanted to bring the badness to the Bad Girls Club?

KC: I was shooting for it. I just really was a big fan of the show and I thought it was something that I could do. I might as well audition -- the chances are they'll say yeah or they'll say no.

TWoP: What makes you so bad?

KC: Everyone [saw] loud Kayla, always cussing somebody out, throwing a drink or something like that. But really the stuff that made me bad -- and I guess you could say helped me get through the auditions, which isn't a good thing -- is my criminal record. Getting in trouble with the law.

TWoP: And are you past all that now, or is Dog the Bounty Hunter looking for you?

KC: You know what, not anymore. I did have a criminal case that was cleared up right as the audition process was happening. And I guess right before I knew I was going to be on the show, I found out that case was cleared.

TWoP: When you watched the previous seasons, were there any girls that you particularly related to?

KC: Tanisha was definitely my favorite Bad Girl ever.

TWoP: And you also popped off a few times while you were in the house, didn't you?

KC: [laughs] Yeah, I did. I popped off a lot.

TWoP: But it wasn't like the other people in the house weren't involved in getting you to pop off. There was some friction between the other girls and you, right?

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