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by Daniel Manu January 14, 2009
The Kayla Interview

KC: Oh yeah, there definitely was some friction on both ends. Of course, you know things are edited so everyone just sees me going crazy most of the time and they really don't understand where it's all coming from. But there definitely were a lot of underlying issues that weren't seen.

TWoP: Why couldn't you guys stay at any club or restaurant for more than five minutes before getting kicked out? Did the presence of the camera crews attract people who wanted to start trouble out of jealousy or something?

KC: Yeah, definitely the jealousy issue with the cameras. And that was a lot of the reason why I got into arguments with people while we were out because people will say nasty things and dirty things, and I'd feel like, hey, this is my crew; we're all together, so if someone has a problem with one of us, then they have a problem with all of us. That's how I felt. I remember Sarah saying in the first episode, "if one goes to jail, we all go to jail." But that was some bullshit...

TWoP: We saw you getting into arguments with pretty much everyone in the house. Was there anyone that you liked, or felt close to?

KC: Actually, my two favorites were the Ambers. At first, me and Ailea were close, but I think they put a little extra [emphasis] on how close we were. [laughs] But me and the Ambers were definitely the closest because we would kind of seclude ourselves sometimes. At first it was the two Ambers secluding themselves and I became part of the little Amber crew.

TWoP: What was more annoying: Whitney's incessant references to Boston or Tiffany's references to "Chi-Town"? Why did they feel the need to constantly remind people where they're from?

KC: I really don't know. You would have to ask them that question. I know a few times I threw out "I'm from L.A.; I'm from Compton." We all represented where we came from. And I think because we were the three city girls, it was more important to us to represent where we're from. It was a big deal for me because I was the L.A. girl and it was based in L.A. and I do know a lot of people out here.

TWoP: Yeah, but you weren't throwing Compton in people's faces every two seconds, like Whitney was doing with Boston.

KC: That is so true. And it's so funny because my little brothers and sisters and all my friends were watching and they're like, "I cannot stand that fucking Boston chick; dude, can she shut up about Boston for one second?"

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