Escape Club

by Daniel Manu January 14, 2009
The Kayla Interview

TWoP: She opens her mouth and we know she's from Boston. She doesn't need to tell us.

KC: Yeah, you don't even need to say anything. We hear the accent, honey. [laughs]

TWoP: Why did Ailea feel the need to drag all of you to her dates with that old man she was seeing? Was she afraid to be alone with him or something?

KC: You know, I never really looked at it like she was dragging us with her. We all did stuff collectively. Like if I invited guys over, I invited enough guys for not just myself. So, with Ailea and him... I liked him. I didn't see anything wrong with him. If she wants to date a guy that's 50 years older than her, then that's her. To each his own. I don't judge anybody and that's how I expected everyone in the house to treat me. But I was cool with it. He paid for stuff.

TWoP: Well, there you go!

KC: [laughs] He's a nice guy, though. He was a very nice guy.

TWoP: How quickly did you get comfortable with having cameras follow you around, especially when you might have been, shall we say, less than dressed?

KC: At first, I wasn't really that comfortable. It took me only a week because it's 24 hours/seven days a week that you have these people monitoring you. And they actually didn't show it, but we did spray-tanning and I was so scared because some of the girls kept their underwear on, but I was like, "Dude, I've never gotten a spray-tan, so if I'm going to do a spray-tan, I'm going to go all the way." So I was naked standing in front of the camera and that was the point where I was like, "Okay, I can do this now." It's pretty much like being in your house and you just have to act like those people aren't there.

TWoP: It's like you have to think of them as doctors or something -- they've seen it all before.

KC: Pretty much. They do this all the time; they see this all the time; so it's not a big deal. I got used to everybody. Everybody was professional and nice.

TWoP: What happened that night you guys went to the strip club and Sarah had to perform in your place? Was it nerves or the drinking that kept you from getting up there, or something else?

KC: You know, that day me and the Ambers were together, ripping and running, and we didn't have time to eat. So I started drinking and didn't remember that I hadn't eaten -- I was too busy to even think about it. So I'm like, okay, let me just drink this up and get a little loose so I won't be so nervous to get on stage and try to win the money. But I actually did dance, but it wasn't for the competition.

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