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by Daniel Manu January 14, 2009
The Kayla Interview

TWoP: Was that the sickest night that you had in the house?

KC: Yes, that was. I threw up, but the hospital and that whole ordeal was a little overrated. I didn't need to go to the hospital. Dude, you don't eat, you drink too much, you're gonna throw up.

TWoP: How would you describe your relationship with Tiffany? It looked like you might've been looking to her for support that she wasn't ready to give.

TWoP: I'm glad you said it that way. Yes, definitely. I feel like me and her should've automatically clicked because we were the two black girls -- and it doesn't necessarily even have to be about color, but that was one of the factors. I just expected us to be the two black girls on this season to get along and to not argue like Tanisha and Lyric [last season]. I'm sure there was some underlying stuff going on there that we all didn't see, but I just thought that it was so stupid and I didn't want that to be me and Tiffany. And I guess Tiffany... I don't know... she had her own agenda. But I really didn't want us to feud or argue or anything; I wanted us to be cool the whole time. But, that wasn't her plan.

TWoP: You've referenced the fact that what we see on a show like this isn't necessarily the full reality. What did we not see that might've changed people's perceptions about you or the other girls?

KC: Me and the Ambers are very close and I talk to Amber B. a lot. And we had just sent a message to each other a week ago and I told her, "I've been setting people straight about you." Because Amber's so not racist. I don't agree with that at all. And I was just upset with the whole thing -- I used to sleep in this girl's bed! I know she's not racist... And then me with the yelling and cursing all the time. I don't just yell and curse all the time for no reason. Overall, I was upset about a few things, but no biggie. It is what it is.

TWoP: I'm surprised to hear that you're so down with both of the Ambers in light of your last episode. What happened with you and Amber M.?

KC: We got into an argument; it was the stupidest argument ever -- I didn't want to talk about it anymore. And Amber M. is the type of person [who] likes to get under your skin and press the issue even if it doesn't need to be pressed. It can be the littlest thing and she'll turn it into something completely big and try and explain her point of view. Amber's really smart -- I mean, she has a college education and everything -- so she's gonna argue with you if she sees logic that you don't see. And we just got into an argument about a whole tipping situation and it was very stupid because I had ordered the biggest thing on the menu and I was putting down the most money for the whole night, so while you're complaining about how the girl should've gotten a bigger tip, you should've tipped her -- that's how I felt about the situation. It was just a stupid argument and she kept talking and kept talking and it escalated. And I didn't want to fight her -- I love her; I didn't want to fight her. But it was like the only thing [to stop it] was to slap her a few times. We both said that we didn't want to fight, but we were drunk so, you know, things happen when you're under the influence of liquor that you don't necessarily want to happen when you're not.

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