Escape Club

by Daniel Manu January 14, 2009
The Kayla Interview

TWoP: It sounds like you have a pretty philosophical attitude about that incident, even though it looked like Amber M. was not exactly an innocent bystander in the whole thing. It doesn't sound like you hold a grudge.

KC: Not at all. I'm not holding a grudge against anyone in the house -- and I said that before I left. I was completely honest with all of the girls: if I didn't like you, I told you. If I was upset with you about something, I told you right then and there. I never talked about anyone behind their back, and if I did say something behind your back, I would definitely say it to your face. One of the things that I said to all of the girls one day was, "You know that we're going to probably watch this and some things may be said, but I'm just gonna leave it where it was." That was months ago. And what happened in the past is still in the past to me. Watching it sometimes brings up emotions from how I felt that day, but then in the back of my head, I remember to let bygones be bygones. It is what it is. If someone wants to hold a grudge against me, then they're wasting their time and their energy being upset with me when they could be doing something else with that.

TWoP: So if the incident with Amber M. wasn't that big a deal to you, why exactly did you end up leaving the house?

KC: I left the house because it was just too much. I was the most outspoken in the house and it was okay when I went off on someone for them [the other girls] outside of the house, like if we got into it with someone at a club, it was okay for Kayla to be the bulldog and jump out and do whatever she does. But then when it came to the girls inside of the house, they didn't like that. So it's okay for me to check someone else, but when it came time to check you, you don't want me say anything about what you're doing.... So, I was just tired of that and, they don't show that a lot, but I feel pretty much every day they were calling a house meeting on me and I was just tired of everybody ganging up on me, having something to say. And not only that, but there [in the house] I couldn't drive; I had to depend on someone else to drive me places. It was just a hassle to still do my things that I needed to do as far as court and everything else... And the house was real negative; it was just to the point that it was so negative I could not take it.

TWoP: Thanks to this show, you're now a reality TV personality. What's the next step for you? Did this experience transform your life or career goals?

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