Escape Club

by Daniel Manu January 14, 2009
The Kayla Interview

KC: You know, I don't really feel any transformation right now. I'm still the same Kayla. My brothers and sisters -- the teenagers -- they're all excited about it. But I'm still at my regular receptionist job. I still have to get on the bus -- I just got into an accident last week and I had to humble myself and say, okay, I know I'm on TV but how else are you going to get to work? I literally had to get on the bus the other day and I was upset about it... So hopefully some good things will come out of this -- modeling, I don't know, maybe somebody will pick me up. I do love to write; I write poetry, songs, pretty much everything. So I have other creative talents besides just cussing people out and throwing bottles at someone's head. Hopefully, someone will be interested in seeing the other side and the other things that I can do and will like to work with me.

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