Still Fit to Be Bad

by Daniel Manu February 5, 2010
The Tanisha Interview II

Tanisha: The situation wasn't right at all. I really try to mind my business because I don't want somebody opening up my personal business, so I respected that, and I left that alone.

TWoP: But speaking of personal business, it must've been hard to ignore the awkwardness between Kevin Federline and his baby mama Shar Jackson. It seems incredibly awkward just watching it on TV, so what was that like to be around in person?

Tanisha: It was like the big elephant in the room. But I didn't even know what the big elephant was till everybody kept bringing it up


TWoP: Well, K-Fed was the big elephant in the room, right?

Tanisha: Aw, come on! Kevin is a sweetheart. That's really mean... Like I said, I respect people's privacy, so I never pried at all. I just kept to my business cause we weren't there for that. We all went there to lose weight. And that's that.

TWoP: I'm glad you mentioned why you all were there, because I have my doubts about Nicole Eggert. She may not conform to Hollywood's insane standards, but she's still a beautiful woman. Don't you think she was just there to get on TV again?

Tanisha: Well, I could see how you could feel that way, but Nicole, in her eyes, felt like she was a little bit overweight. In her eyes, Nicole wasn't who she used to be. So that's the reason why Nicole wanted to join Celebrity Fit Club. Nicole's a great person and it doesn't matter what we think. At the end of the day, when we look in the mirror, it's about how we feel about ourselves. When Nicole looks in the mirror, she's like, "Shoot, I need to lose a couple of pounds," and hey, who are we to judge?

TWoP: Fair enough... Tanisha, in you're wildest dreams, did you ever think you'd be in close proximity with someone like Sebastian Bach?

Tanisha: No, never! I didn't know who Sebastian Bach was and he changed my life forever. You guys will all witness that. Sebastian Bach changed me life forever!

TWoP: Are you a heavy metal girl now?

Tanisha:[laughs] I am a heavy metal fan, yes. I love Skid Row, Skid Row all the way. Sebastian Bach for life, man. I love Sebastian. He just changed my life. He's like a rock and roll version of me.

TWoP: Wow, who could've predicted that?

Tanisha: Yeah, I think he's like my alter-ego. We're very much alike in a lot of ways, believe it or not.

TWoP: We know you can't reveal what happens at end of Fit Club, but can you at least tell us if you're happy with your eight-week experience on the show? Did you achieve the goals you set out for yourself?

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