Still Fit to Be Bad

by Daniel Manu February 5, 2010
The Tanisha Interview II

Tanisha: I liked her at first because she was a cute little Barbie doll, but I have to keep it real, I don't like what's going on between her and her best friend. What kind of nonsense is that? Her boyfriend clearly told her: "I don't care who you cheat with, it's cheating," and she still went ahead and did it. To me, she's lost, she doesn't know where she belongs and she's kinda ying-yanging her way through this thing. In the back on my mind, I'm still trying to figure out: how is Kate a Bad Girl? I mean, even Annie has proven herself!

TWoP: Well, Annie doesn't seem like a Bad Girl at all to me. What does Annie do in her life that's bad?

Tanisha: Listen, Annie's the conniving, sneaky one. Did you not see the last episode?

TWoP: Yeah, she did a little bit of messing with Kate's food. We don't like that, do we, Tanisha?

Tanisha: Exactly, that was kind of out of place. I was watching just hysterical, thinking, "Oh my gosh, please don't do what the other girl did to our food" [during Tanisha's season]. I'm like, didn't this trick learn anything from our season?

TWoP: Did you just call her a trick?

Tanisha: Yeah, I just don't know what to say. I mean, these girls just don't learn. Leave the food alone!

TWoP: What do you think of Flo? I started off hating her, but now I think she's a tragic figure in a weird way. I feel a little sorry for her.

Tanisha: At first I really wasn't on Flo's team at all. Especially when she cursed out my girl Kendra, I was like, "Who are you to judge?" Kendra's a grown woman. She's allowed to do what she wants to do." I was like, "What are you, jealous?" But then, with the whole incident with Flo and Amber... Amber's the one who pushed her in the water. I would've never, ever, ever apologized to Amber. Never. That couldn't have been me. Not at all.

TWoP: Well, Flo apologized so she could stay in the house, right? She didn't mean it.

Tanisha: Right, but I was sitting there thinking, how is it that someone pushed you into a pool of water and the person who got pushed has to apologize? Why?

TWoP: I guess it's because Flo retaliated in a violent way.

Tanisha: Yeah, she got really upset and started going off, but it just couldn't have been me. If that was me, I would have kicked her behind and just walked out of the house. It would have been over. I don't like Amber at all. At all.

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