The Queen of Bad Pops Off

by Daniel Manu May 13, 2008
The Tanisha Interview

TT: That episode burned me. That episode burned me so much. I have never been so angry. You know, it's weird because I have trust issues, and I trusted Naveen. And it was like, the moment I turned my back, you chew my name like bubblegum. Why? You're so big, you're so bad, you're so outspoken. You're this Neveen that just doesn't give a crap. Why couldn't you tell me how you really felt? Why was it that you were smiling with me the entire time, and the minute I turn my back, it's like "Forget about Tanisha. Ask Tanisha. I don't care about her. It's not my fault. It's no one's fault." It really burned me, Dan. It really did. I'm really upset about it.

TWoP: The other women nicknamed Neveen and Hanna "the Hyena sisters." Were they right about them in the end?

TT: Oh yes. I felt so bad watching the last episode [the penultimate episode] because I used to attack Hanna periodically -- I don't know why they didn't show it on the show. I used to tell Hanna all the time, "You're fake. I know you're being fake. I know you're being phony. I can see it in your eyes." I always accused her of being fake. When in actuality, Hanna was crying the first night I got taken away. I don't care about what she said after. Your initial response is your real response. Hanna was crying, Darlen was sad, Cordelia was worried and Neveen, who I was supposed to be the closest to in the house? She was sleeping. She was sleeping! She was taking a nap. That was the ultimate, ultimate, ultimate betrayal to me, you know what I'm saying? I don't know what I would do if I saw Neveen today, Dan. I know I've changed since the show, but I feel so betrayed and upset by the whole thing - aw man, I can't even talk about it. My boyfriend just walked out the room shaking his head because he knows it wasn't right.

TWoP: The amazing thing is that the show stopped filming five or six months ago and you're still so fired up about this. Did watching the show bring these feelings back up or have you just been burning mad since November?

TT: Writing my blog about what happened makes me emotional. I went to jail innocently. Imagine going to jail innocently. Who the hell wants to go through that? I really did not do anything but try to break up a fight, and I went to jail innocently. Completely! And it was like the worst thing ever because they treated me like a common criminal. And I didn't do anything. Nobody wanted to hear what I had to say. And I'm not gonna lie, I was very mad. I got a lot of e-mails from people saying that the producers should've stepped in, they should've shown the tape, they should've done something. And I was upset at them, yes, I really was. But at the beginning of the show there were contracts that said they do not interfere with things when it came to the law and the police and stuff. Which is understandable. I know it's in the contract because I read that contract like 20 times, so I understand everything that's in there. So whatever, that's fine. But it was really a hard, painful thing for me to watch and I think I'll be angry about it for a very long time.

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