The Queen of Bad Pops Off

by Daniel Manu May 13, 2008
The Tanisha Interview

TT: Aw, I love you, Dan. Thank you for saying that!

TWoP: What the hell was up with those two gun tattoos she had on her hips?

TT: Well, they're there for a reason. I would want to shoot my private parts too if I'd been around with Tom, Dick and Harry and whoever.

TWoP: You gotta respect yourself and I don't think she does.

TT: She does not respect herself. And it's sad because her daughter is so cute and I feel so bad for her. And she's going through custody battles and the judge saw Bad Girls Club and was like, "This is not gonna help your custody battle." Neveen brought that up on Tyra. Neveen is very... Neveen doesn't have a soul. I realized that. She does not have a soul. She's a very beautiful girl with no soul. She's very empty and hurt and abused inside. And she refuses -- I'm not gonna go into whatever, but I will say this: I came out with a lot of pain and a lot of anger. I've been through hell in my life, probably more than anybody else in the house. And it was a choice for me -- either stick with the pain and keep it buried and just go around being mad and trying to fight, or confront it and try to make my life better. And it's the same thing for Neveen. We've all been through stuff. All of us. Hanna has issues going on with her dad. Neveen has issues going on with her father, which are really serious. Because he discriminates against different types of people and he'd always been very verbally and physically abusive to her. So it really has scarred her. But Neveen, I don't know what it is. It's like she's scared to let go. She's scared to let her guard down. She's scared to get help. If I've learned one thing from the Bad Girls Club, you cannot do things on your own. It's really OK to ask for help, and it's wonderful when you do. Because I'm telling you, I haven't changed 100 percent, but I am a lot better. I actually walk away from my mom now when she starts. I was never been able to do that.

TWoP: So anger management issues were the main reason you were in the house?

TT: Yeah, I had a lot of anger issues that caused me to fight a lot. And I would argue a lot and I would just be ready. I'm not gonna lie, right now, I am so upset with what Neveen is saying about me going to jail, I would probably get into a fight if somebody really ticked me off right now. But before [that] episode, I was completely fine. But my boyfriend is trying to get me over it. He's trying to let me see that it doesn't make any sense. It's not like you have known these people all your life and they disappointed you. You were put into a house with these girls, you have no control over who got to stay in the house and you have to try and build some type of relationship with them. He's like, "At least for your part, you real and a lot of people know that." So, whatever.

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