The Queen of Bad Pops Off

by Daniel Manu May 13, 2008
The Tanisha Interview

TWoP: Besides yourself, who else in the house do you think changed or grew from the experience the most?

TT: I would say Darlen. You know what's weird, I hated Darlen in the beginning. Darlen called me a fat bitch the first night we got there. And I was like "Aaahhh. She don't even know me." I vowed that I was gonna be done with Darlen. But I'm so happy I gave this girl a chance. Because Darlen is honestly one of the sweetest people in the house -- and she's one of the most gangsta people. She don't care how big you are. You could be seven feet tall, 450 pounds, Darlen will fight you. I could honestly bring Darlen to Brooklyn and she will provide. Even in my part of Brooklyn.

TWoP: But wasn't she one of reasons you went to jail? Wasn't she the one who started that fight in the bar?

TT: You know what? I didn't get a chance to address this in my blog so this is exclusive to you. I would have to say no, Darlen is not the reason I went to jail. You know why? Because that girl threw that drink at her. Now if that girl had thrown that drink at me? As Neveen said in her blog, I would've put her in ICU, I really would have. But the girl threw a drink at Darlen and Darlen flew in the air like a Mexican princess on fire. And Darlen beat her behind. So I don't blame Darlen. And to see Darlen's reaction throughout the episode, I could tell she was sorry and I could tell that if she had an opportunity to switch places with me, she would have. 'Cause she's just that type of person.

TWoP: But how come none of them went up to the cops immediately and say "It wasn't Tanisha, it was me. I'm the one who was fighting"?

TT: They did, they did. But here's the thing: Darlen wasn't even there. We went out of the club separately. It was me, Hanna and Neveen. We were pushed out by some bouncers and our director was like, "Let's go, let's go." And Darlen and Cordelia went off in a whole different direction. So I didn't see them for a while. I think they didn't come up until I was already inside the cop car. And from what I understand, Darlen kept asking could she talk to them, could she tell them she was the one who was fighting and whatever. She said in one of her interviews that all she had to do was show them her boobs and they'd go on a date the next day, you know? So it was unfortunate, it was unfortunate. And it wouldn't have been that bad if I hadn't seen what Neveen had said. But seeing what Neveen said really pissed me off. It really did.

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