The Queen of Bad Pops Off

by Daniel Manu May 13, 2008
The Tanisha Interview

TWoP: I'm curious to hear your thoughts now on Cordelia. What was her story? She seemed really, really messed up in a lot of different ways.

TT: Yeah, Cordelia's been through a lot. And I don't understand why. I mean, you're an ex-porn star, you're an ex--

TWoP: Quote, unquote "star." Quote, unquote.

TT: Yeah [laughing].

TWoP: You know what I mean? Come on.

TT: No! Listen, I've got to tell you, Dan, I don't know if you got a chance to watch that video [from Cordelia's porn past], but somebody made sure they sent me a link and I watched a piece of it and she really looked hot. She was younger, so she really looked hot. And she is a stripper and she actually can strip. She actually proved it to us. And I don't know if you saw the episode where she was beating the guy with the belt, she's a dominatrix, too! She could come to New York City and make a ton of money. I don't know what her problem is. I would think of it this way: If my major doesn't work out, I can always fall back on one of those things. But Cordelia, I think she has a lot of insecurity issues -- that's exactly what it is. She is not confident at all. I'm a bigger girl than Cordelia and I have way more confidence than she does. And when you do not have confidence, people will stomp you down and people will do what they can. They'll try you because you don't have any confidence. If Cordelia would just get confidence within herself, then she'll be fine. You know, she's always been in competition with her sister, and she's very mad that her father didn't stop her from stripping and she has a lot of issues here and there with her family and self-esteem. But if she gets over that, she'll be fine. She came through for me, as you can see from one of the last episodes. I got tons and tons of mail from people saying "I hated Cordelia, but now that she's helped you in the last episode, I love her. She's like my second favorite."

TWoP: You do have a lot of confidence and you're very secure in who you are. Do you see yourself as a role model now for some women out there?

TT: Oh boy. Dan, you'll get me in trouble. [laughs] Yes and no. Because when I do something good it's like, "Yes, follow me!" But I'm human and I'm still a bad girl, so I'm gonna mess up. Believe you me, I got black people saying to me, "You are a very bad example. You represent black women in a bad way." I did a radio interview where a guy came on said that to me and I said to him, "I'm very sorry that you feel that way, but I was not trying to represent the whole entire African-American race." I just represent Tanisha. I was being me and I'm really sorry if you guys have a problem with that. But yes, now as I've changed and come to think before I act, I would definitely say I see myself as a role model. Definitely.

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