The Queen of Bad Pops Off

by Daniel Manu May 13, 2008
The Tanisha Interview

TWoP: You're now a reality TV personality. You can't go back to your regular life, can you? What's next for you?

TT: I'm doing real estate in the city. So I want to see where that takes me. That's not really exciting, but what's funny is that some of the clients are actually recognizing me. And I hope to make it to the big screen someday and meet a wonderful agent who will help take my career to that next step where I want it to be.

TWoP: It seems now that almost everyone who is on a reality show ends up on another reality show. Is that an avenue that you want to pursue or do you want to do real acting?

TT: I really want to do real acting. It's always been my dream. It really has. So I want to get some things together and see where that goes. It's all about who's gonna say yes to me. I want the world to be ready for somebody who's not your average star. I'm not a size two to eight, I'll never, ever be. I don't have the big fake boobs although I secretly do want to get them done.

TWoP: I don't think it's much of a secret anymore.

TT: [Laughs] But, you know, I really do want to pursue acting. But hey, if another reality show presents itself and I think it's something that will be good for me, I'll definitely go for it.

TWoP: We're not going to see you on Flavor of Love, though, are we?

TT: No! You will never ever see me on anything like that. You never saw me with guys on TV. I refuse to put myself out there like that on television.

TWoP: Because you had a boyfriend while you were on Bad Girls, right?

TT: I had a boyfriend while I was on the show, right. And I'm still with him.

TWoP: And unlike some other women on the show, you're actually loyal to your man.

TT: I'm very loyal to him, yes. [Laughs]

TWoP: And I'm sure he's loyal to you, right, Tanisha? I'm sure he's scared to death of you.

TT: [Laughs] He's not scared of me but he is loyal, yes. Because he knows that I know a lot of people and they will tell me if he does something. He's alright. And if he's doing something with somebody else, I don't care, that's their business. As long as she don't come up to me and at the end of the day, as long as he don't give me anything, I'm completely fine. And as long as I don't know about it, because what I don't know will not hurt me.

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