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Roe unloads Gordon and follows him into the hospital. The medic there somehow can't quite ascertain what the problem is; Roe flatly states, "He's paralyzed. Can't feel a thing." I thought he felt Donnie on his hand! Dang. Roe then watches a priest administer last rites to a dead man, which disturbs him a bit. "Eugene?" Renée calls to him. She's needed elsewhere, but she doesn't budge, looking quizzically at him. "Are you all right?" she asks. Roe does what he does best -- he looks at her without uttering a word. Unable to dally any longer, Renée darts away to a patient.

Back in the forest, the soldiers get hot soup ladled into metal cups. Roe still sits alone, away from the group; someone thoughtfully brings him soup, which he accepts without even the smallest flicker of recognition. Colonel Sink arrives with another message of morale-boosting cheer: "I'm sitting down to a dinner of turkey and hooch at CP." He fumbles something about missing the Easy cook's rancid beans, but the knife has been twisted. Idiot. He greets Easy and still gets a warm response. Quietly, he tells Winters that Gen. McAuliffe has a Christmas message that the men might want to hear, and Winters defers the pleasure of relaying it to Sink himself. Sink smiles and booms that the General wishes all of them a merry Christmas; he then reads from a piece of paper. "What's merry about all this, you ask? Just this: we've stopped cold everything that's been thrown at us from the north, east, south and west. Two days ago, the German commander demanded our honorable surrender to save the USA-encircled troops from total annihilation. The German commander received the following reply: 'To the German commander: Nuts!'" Easy Company snickers. I guess, in times of desperation, one draws inspiration from wherever one can -- but, whoa. "Nuts"? Crap. "We're giving our country and our loves ones at home a worthy Christmas present. being privileged to participate in this gallant feat of arms, we're truly making for ourselves a merry Christmas," Sink reads, then looks up and echoes that wish from himself. Throughout, Winters has darted concerned glances at the withdrawn and gaunt Roe; as Easy giggles and shouts, "Nuts!" amid gales of laughter, Roe's expression remains serious. He is increasingly miserable, perhaps worried about his destiny, or terrified to lose a man of his own. It's hard to say; the toll of his job is enormous in so many ways.

Winters creeps toward Roe's foxhole to check on the troubled medic. The sound of a German chorus diverts his attention; the enemy is singing "Silent Night." Winters listens, amazed that the very act of singing that song makes it a lie. Nearby, Compton and Gonorrhea huddle in a foxhole; the former plucks a photo from his pocket and shows it to Gonorrhea. "Picture of my girl," he says, a proud smile flashing briefly across his face. Gonorrhea compliments her as sincerely as he ever can: "Good-looking broad, Buck," he says. Compton drops the picture onto his friend's chest, choking, "She's finished with me." Startled, Gonorrhea stammers, "Yeah?" and looks at the photo of a pretty brunette hugging Compton. "Yeah, she's, er..." Buck begins, then trails off and stares into the distance again. "Just in time for Christmas, eh?" Gonorrhea says, regretfully. Compton wipes his face and half-laughs, half-cries, but doing both in a strangely serene manner. "Just in time for Christmas," he whispers. Aw. That about broke my heart. The vengeful part of me hopes she's still alive and watching, so she knows exactly what fresh hell he was enduring when she dumped his strapping behind. Witchy woman.

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Band of Brothers




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