Band of Brothers

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Roe scrambles over to the hole of another medic, Spina. They pool supplies; Roe realizes he's got only one syrette of morphine and then fills in that 1st battalion pulled out of nearby Foy with major casualties. "If they're back, what the hell are we doing here?" groans Spina, reclined in his hole drinking water. Roe, all business, asks for scissors, but learns that Spina has none. Spying two medics in the same hole, Lt. Dike storms over and bitches at them for being careless. Donnie is with him. "Where the hell is my hole?" screams Dike. Donnie politely answers, "Right back there, sir. Maybe you missed it, huh? I'll walk you back." He obviously thinks Dike is three pounds short of a potbelly. Roe, for his part, doesn't seem to appreciate a reprimand from someone who gets to sit instead of running from hole to hole.

Boots on snow. Roe is running again, this time to Gonorrhea's hole. Gonorrhea has no morphine, but wants to talk to Roe about another problem; the medic, however, is already on the run. "How's the leg?" calls Roe. "To hell with the leg, I'm pissing needles!" screams Gonorrhea. Great -- if he could just piss a few filled with morphine, then Roe would be in business. Roe waves off Gonorrhea and promises to return.

Next, Roe sprints and scrambles into Gordon's foxhole. "Seen 'em?" he asks. "No, but they're out there," says Gordon's pal. Gordon offers Roe coffee, but the medic is more desperately in need of scissors. "I have to check the sewing room," muses Gordon. "They might be upstairs in the study, in that skinny old drawer in the desk...." Roe rolls his eyes, getting the sarcasm but unwilling to make time for it. Politely, he asks for a syrette of morphine. "Hide your morphine!" Gordon cheerfully shouts to the guys, but before anyone can laugh, a blast knocks them to the ground.

Nearby, Skip and Malarkey dive for cover, the former freaked because his helmet is peppered with bullet dents. He tosses Roe a syrette as the medic scrambles through the maze of holes, dodging bullets and diving onto his belly at times. He lands in a hole occupied by Babe Heffron and Pvt. Julian, a replacement; establishing that neither is injured, Roe hears Penkala screaming for him and takes off again. "It's the artery, I can feel it!" panics Penkala. Roe examines the wound, a long, ugly tear in the man's forearm. Penkala is convinced he's going to bleed to death, so Roe tries to console him; suddenly, as more shots barrage the area, Penkala begs Roe not to take him to an aid station. "I can't go out in that shit!" he yells. Roe tenses. "You don't want to go out in this shit, and [yet] you yell 'Medic'?" he bristles, stunned at the sheer disregard for the doctors' safety and at the same time resigned to the job. Tersely, he informs Penkala that there is no aid station, bandages his arm, and then pauses as the shelling finally stops. Through the silence, Roe hears more screaming; before he sprints away, he snatches Penkala's aid kit.

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Band of Brothers




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