Band of Brothers

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After she gives Skinny a pill, a young nurse with a blue head-kerchief leads Roe into the supply room and hands him a box full of bandages, to which she adds some units of plasma. He is startled to see she has torn up sheets as makeshift bandages. In French, he thanks her and asks her name. "Renée," she answers, pleased. Roe introduces himself, explaining that he's a Louisiana boy who's half-Cajun. Then they part; Roe is all flirted out. This was an exertion for him.

Outside, Roe makes a beeline for the body pile, snagging a pair of boots that might fit Toye. "Eugene," calls Renée. He turns, and she tosses him a chocolate bar with an angelic smile and The Wringing Hands of I'm Trying Not to Touch You Intimately. A grin flickers across Roe's face only briefly, because he prefers to remain all-business, and the medic turns to rejoin the 2nd battalion.

Father Maloney leads a prayer circle on a patch of snowy land identical to any other. "Fight well for your God and your country. God bless you all," he finishes. "Stay safe." Skip rises and grins, "That's it, guys, nothing to worry about. If we're gonna die now, we're gonna die in a state of grace." Spina sees Roe and relieves him of the cardboard box, informing him that this group is a reconnaissance patrol about to probe for the German line. Roe tosses Spina the boots, tells him to deliver them to Toye, and trots after the departing patrol. "Peacock is leading, right?" Luz asks. "Asshole couldn't find a snowball in a blizzard." Randleman chuckles. Hoobler and Babe Heffron are among the familiar faces in the group. Sgt. Martin is leading the patrol; young replacement Julian begs to be lead scout, but Martin orders him to fall in with the rest of the men, forming tactical columns in which to advance slowly into no-man's-land. Sensing Roe wants to trail them, Martin palms the medic's chest and orders him to stay put and, thus, intact. Fretting, Roe watches them go.

Snow falls lightly on the barren, tall trees; the men trudge through the woods, gray silhouettes against a creamy fog. Roe sits cross-legged under a tree, ears perked, waiting, watching the fog ahead of him. Back with the patrol, Martin waves the men into their positions; Julian gets sniped in the neck and drops to the snow. Chaos erupts. Martin shrieks to all within earshot that Julian is down; Babe flips out and screams that they need to rescue his pal. The blood seeps freely from Julian's neck, drenching the kid's face. German fire pounds the earth around the kid's writhing body. Roe's jaw tenses as he hears obvious distress from the distance, but he doesn't move. Martin screams for suppressing and covering fire so that they can drag Julian's body to safety, but every time Heffron strikes out to retrieve his friend, German bullets narrowly miss him and slam into the snow nearby. Blood is pooling in Julian's nostrils, bathing his whole face in crimson. Babe screams, "Don't move! If you're still they'll stop shooting!" Julian twitches uncontrollably.

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Band of Brothers




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