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Malarkey pokes his head inside the makeshift laundromat. He excitedly corrects the female owner when she calls him "Private," since he's just been promoted to Sergeant. The woman smiles and promptly calls him Private again. I think she's just absent-minded, but still, it wouldn't hurt to listen. They're on the same side, after all. Anyway, she passes him the laundry and picks the proper change out from what's sitting in Malarkey's outstretched palm. He's completely cute, because he corrects his language in front of her as a show of respect for a lady. If Malarkey would shut up about Luger pistols, we might have a chance. "Lieutenant Meehan's one of yours, isn't he? Hope he hasn't forgotten his laundry," the woman smiles. Malarkey pauses, and his eyes widen. He stammers that he'll take it, and pays her for the brown-paper parcel containing the clothes of his dead CO. He looks down at it warily, unsure how to feel. She then casually asks him to "help [her] with some of the others" who haven't returned for their clothes, and she promptly rattles off names. She might as well whip out a pad of paper and sing, "Let's count how many of your friends are dead!"

Of the other names the washer-woman reads, the only one we know is the last: Albert Blithe. This scene does what the Edelweiss-uniform shot could also have accomplished, but of course, we had to have both, which I think was overkill and ruined what might've been poignant. But too often, that's what Spielberg is all about. Fade to black.

Some text tells us Easy Company lost sixty-five men before it pulled out of France on June 29. Blithe didn't die immediately, but never recovered from his wounds and finally perished in 1948.

Next time, Easy travels to Eindhoven, Holland, and participates in a crucial offensive called Market-Garden. Compton gets hit and says, "Leave me here for the Germans!" Finally, Randleman endangers himself and someone screams, "Buuuuullllllll!" Now people we know, people we recognize, people who got paid fatter salaries, are in peril. I might actually be able to get invested in this next one.

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Band of Brothers




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