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D-Plus-Six. Carentan, France. The camera finds an old, deserted building, which a sign proclaims is the Café de Normandie. It's at the end of the only road into Carentan, and looks utterly lifeless and quiet. In other words, its sign might as well read, "Get Shot Here." Easy Company scouts the situation from behind a hill. "Why don't you take the 1st straight up the middle, hard and fast," Winters tells Welsh, who can't help being excited by all the double-meaning in the air. "We have to move quickly. I'll be right behind you with 2nd and 3rd," Winters instructs. He waits a few beats, looks at his watch, then wildly gestures and screams, "Go, go, go!" Welsh and his platoon do, in fact, race right up the Road to Certain Death. Bullets shower the area almost immediately, mostly coming from the machine guns now poking out of the Café du Fatality windows. Most of Easy dives down onto the grass lining both sides of the road, but a few men made it into Carentan and take shelter against the side of an abandoned building. "Where the fuck is everybody?" Pvt. Whoever screams at his partner, Luz. "Where did everybody go?" Luz has no idea, but leans around the corner to shoot at a few windows.

The fire is ceaseless, unrelenting. Easy cowers in the trenches and fires benign bullets back toward Café du Fatality, but Lt. Winters is upset because a handful of Easy men were stranded in Carentan and would surely be killed unless the rest of the company got up and charged the town. Winters runs around yelling for the men to get off the ground and run into town, stopping to literally kick the asses of a few men who haven't risen. The diversion he created by doing that helped confuse the Germans enough to get Easy into town, but the show does a poor job of communicating all this. The sequence is too quick and lacks clarity.

As Easy runs into town, men drop from gunshot wounds while others scurry through the streets and duck into buildings. Donnie, bless him, picks off a few enemy soldiers. Someone else gets shot in the back. Shelling commences, as do the snipers. Begging for covering fire from Luz, Donnie bolts to a grim-looking building and lobs a grenade inside, then ducks. It explodes, presumably wiping out anyone lurking inside. Bullets fell several more men. A guy named Shifty is instructed to shoot out each pane of a giant window; while he does it, Tipper and Liebgott -- ride, sweet Liebgott! -- bounce between buildings trying to clear them for U.S. use. Rubble and bodies start to litter the streets, and the noise of fire is neverending. Luz and Hoobler count off and then burst into a building with guns raised, only to find a terrified family huddled in the corner.

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Band of Brothers




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