Band of Brothers

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Eiffel Tower. Paris is crawling with soldiers on leave, most of them carousing -- and most of them striking the "c" as well. Winters is seated at a bustling café, listening to soldiers around him brag about the toughness of paratroopers and basically trying to one-up each other with tales from basic training. Winters isn't into the scene at all, much preferring to play the morose loner with a heart of gold, a visage of misery and a bod of mystery. He looks, if I may say it, outstanding in the uniform.

Winters scans the other Metro passengers, laying eyes on a young, amiable-looking French lad and an old woman knitting. He flashes in and out of his memories of Holland, Dukeman's death, and the wounding of his men. Closing his eyes, Winters relives running across a Dutch field and happening upon the unarmed German. He turns to smile at the French boy, but sees in him the countenance of the young Nazi he killed. The moment of eye contact with the German lasts forever, and for the first time we see fear in Winters's eyes, but not fear of death -- fear of himself, and of what he's about to do, and what he knows he must do. And he left the coffee pot on back at the barracks. His eyes flying open, Winters realizes that he's ridden the Metro through to the last stop. Slowly, and I do mean slowly, he rises from his seat, slinks out of the station, exchanges a half-smile with the French lad, and moseys through the dark, deserted section of Paris. He looks so lonely and troubled; this part touched me more than a lot of the WWII killing scenes have. Something about Damian Lewis's portrayal of Winters has me absolutely dying to see the man smiling, happy, and actually enjoying himself, and letting others enjoy him. When he reaches his lodgings, he can only watch people having fun; he doesn't participate.

But oh, forget all that crap. Winters is getting in the bath, and I spy a naked thigh. Exhaling elatedly, Winters leans back and revels in the warm bathwater, and he's all sinew and lean muscle and I've never wanted a bath more in my life.

At the camp in Driel, a John Wayne movie screens in a tent. Luz loudly tries to pull a vocal MBTV of sorts on the movie, imitating the Duke and making fun of the movie. Donnie and Toye get really mad at him for spoiling the movie, because John Wayne is really talented and he deserves his fame, and Luz is just jealous because he has no talent of his own and is just a big lame dorkwad with no life and it's not Jacob and Ashley's fault that they are in a boy band, and they dress really well so you just shut the fuck up about that, and O-TOWN RULZ 4EVA!

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Band of Brothers




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