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Jimmy Fallon to the rescue! In Stupid Cameo 101, Fallon drives a Jeep full of ammo up to the cavalcade, beeping to part the crowds as though he's on one of those irritating little airport carts. Winters calls him a Godsend. Jimmy says he heard the 101st was arriving, so he hightailed it to the site of a recent ammo dump and grabbed anything he could fit into the Jeep. He exposits in a monotone that the Germans attacked with Tigers, Panthers, and the rest of the Barnum & Bailey Three-Ring Artillery Circus. Winters praises his good work. Jimmy Fallon can't deliver a line without looking like he's chewing on the inside of his cheeks to keep from breaking character. Since he can't appear on Saturday Night Live without cracking up during a sketch, I wonder how many takes he needed here. Sitting back in the Jeep, Jimmy gets a glamour shot, set against a parade of soldiers. "A Panzer division is about to cut the road south. Looks like you guys are gonna be surrounded," he says flatly. Boo! Jimmy Fallon shouldn't be here. And I usually like him. Winters strikes a gallant pose and intones, "We're paratroopers. We're supposed to be surrounded." Propaganda 1, Fallon 0.

The men trudge toward the front lines, having reached a metaphorical as well as literal crossroads in the war campaign. Winters flashes his trademark look of somber contemplation, watching as Gonorrhea, Liebgott, Skip, and Toye pass by looking grimly intent on kicking some Nazi behinds. Pleased, Winters follows them toward battle. He's back where he belongs, fighting alongside the 506th's finest and commanding their collective fate.

A graphic tells us that Easy moved into the Bastogne woods without support from the sky or from artillery, and that they lacked food, ammunition, and winter clothes. Finally, a quote from the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment's "Currahee Scrapbook": "Farthest from your mind is the thought of falling back; in fact, it isn't there at all. And so you dig your hole carefully and deep, and wait."

This episode, to me, is the worst of the five, but I have high hopes for six and seven because they've gotten critical raves and center on some of the most crucial Allied operations. See you in Bastogne.

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Band of Brothers




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