Band of Brothers

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Nixon and Moose barge into Winters's office, interrupting a whopper of a brow-furrow. "Finish your novel yet?" breezes Nix. "That's a lotta homework," Moose grins. "Thought XO was supposed to be a fun job." Nixon eyes a small guy hovering near Winters's right elbow and unceremoniously asks, "Who are you?" It's Zielinski, an orderly who works for Winters. In a pointless aside, I'd like to point out that Zielinski looks like a friend of mine who we called Zippy. I am now having a private laugh at this, simply because I can; shamelessly, I am allowing my supreme recapping power to affect my judgment. And it feels good. Very good. Nixon rudely orders coffee and a bacon sandwich; cowed, Zippy leaves. Winters hands his two-page report to Nixon, telling him to deliver it to Sink "with [his] compliments." Nixon teases Winters about missing Easy. Eagerly, Winters tries to lap up details about Operation Pegasus, which will be Moose's first operation as CO of Easy. Dick nitpicks every detail of the plan, until Nixon finally interrupts, "Dick, Easy's in good hands." Winters looks deflated. "Yeah, right," he frets. "Hang tough." Moose thanks him and departs; before Nixon leaves, Winters has one more question. "Are we sure of the intelligence?...Is Easy walking into another company of Germans no one can see?" he frets. Nixon looks pointedly, but sympathetically, at his pal. "Why not ask Moose when he gets back?" he suggests. Downcast, Winters tries one more time. "If they do run into any trouble, will you let me know?" Nixon cocks his head. "Yeah. If you run into any bacon sandwich, do the same," he replies sarcastically. Left alone, Winters sits dejectedly and breathes, "Yeah," obviously lonely for combat.

Easy quietly rows across the river, safely dragging the boats onto the shore. "So, Colonel, where are they?" Moose asks. Col. Dobie calls for a guy named Leicester, who darts out of the bushes and greets the group enthusiastically. Nice secret signal. "Never thought I'd be so glad to see a bloody Yank," Leicester bubbles. Yes, well, you're welcome for all the help in World War I, asshole. Moose tells Dobie to go collect his men, and Randleman passes word down the line that the Brits are coming. This is tedious. What happened to the threat of danger? They're not hiding, they're barely whispering, and there aren't any code words. What's an operation without code?

Zippy hands Winters a sheaf of papers to sign, and he obliges, but not without tensely checking his watch. I do feel for him, but I also can't think of a more boring operation than Operation Pegasus. Winters is probably facing a bigger threat from the splinters on his wooden desk. Meanwhile, Moose is warmly greeted by another Brit. "God bless you, my man," he says. They load the soldiers onto the boats and push off back across the river.

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Band of Brothers




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