Band of Brothers
Day Of Days

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Day Of Days

Long after the last corpse falls, Gonorrhea keeps firing until Winters stalks over to him, snatches the gun, and stares angrily into his eyes. "Next time I say 'wait for my command,' you wait for my command, Sergeant," Winters says harshly. Gonorrhea looks daggers at his superior and seethes a defiant, "Yes, sir." Toye shoots a suffering horse. Gonorrhea bitches that the "Quaker" Winters has no right to badmouth him for killing "Krauts." Hall asks what his problem is; Malarkey jokingly replies, "Gonorrhea." A confused Hall gets an explanation for the joke; he then asks, "Besides having a shitty name, what's his problem?" Gonorrhea barks, "None of your business, cowboy."

Daybreak. About eight silhouettes walk along the horizon. Toye defends an unarmed Winters for resisting attack -- "What's he gonna do, shout at them?" -- but Gonorrhea spits back, "He doesn't even drink." Well. That changes everything. As they trudge away through the swamp, music is drowned out by the buzzing flies and lonely flute music.

Dissolve into a shot of a water tower and a smoldering barn. The group approaches a pasture with mooing cows, and I think we all know what that means: cow-tipping, Normandy-style. While Donnie and Wynn, nicknamed "Popeye," rush ahead to investigate a burning barn, the others survey closer carnage -- one paratrooper swings gently from a tree, hung by his own chute. Others lie scorched and bloodied, killed either during the descent or after they touched down. A tall, lean guy called McDowell stares at the dead, his jaw hanging agape in an eerily Ross-ish "lights-on-but- no-one-home" expression. Donnie boldly begins raiding the corpses, defending himself by citing their desperation for supplies and weapons. Malarkey eagerly rolls over one body and frisks it in search of a Luger pistol for his kid brother -- and, to clarify, this obsession is new. Malarkey is not the person from Episode One who admired and fondled the British soldier's Luger; this was either poor planning or just a mistake. Before the men can do much plundering, they hear telltale sounds that Winters identifies as the beginning of the Naval invasion on Utah beach. Winters rounds up the gang and leads them away. Gonorrhea storms around in a right tizzy, disdainfully calling Hall a "cowboy" one more time for no real reason other than to look mad. Malarkey informs Hall that Gonorrhea's brother "got it," and that the news is still stinging him. He's vengeful.

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Band of Brothers




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