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Day Of Days

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Day Of Days

A Major Strayer sends out word that he needs Easy Company's CO (commanding officer) to report to his area. Compton grins, "That's you, Dick," because Meehan is still missing. Winters resignedly gets up to go over there. At the same time, a depressed Malarkey plops down next to Toye and guzzles from his canteen, still startled that war apparently involves killing people in enemy uniforms, no matter what language they speak.

Winters arrives at Strayer's table, his hair perfect, with nary a strand sullied or knocked out of place. Now that's some serious hair product. Winters learns that Easy Company is needed to disable a well-armed German garrison so that the Utah segment of Normandy's beach will be safe for incoming Allied troops. Two known guns are assaulting Utah beach, so they assume the presence of two more, plus an extensive German-occupied trench extending behind the guns. Cut to Winters explaining the plan, using crude pencil sketches: attack the first gun and then systematically destroy the rest, then run a quarterback draw up the middle to set up a field goal. He names his men: Liebgott and Petty will take the first gun; Plesha and Hendrix will take the other. Donnie's in charge of the TNT, and Winters will hang out with the others and go wherever they're needed. Incidentally, he calls out the names Compton, Malarkey, Toye, and Gonorrhea, but they raise their hands in the wrong order, so apparently everyone in the cast is as fucking puzzled as I am sometimes about who the hell everyone is. Although I've finally gotten that core group figured out, I'm thrown by the addition of Plesha and Hendrix. Sigh. Why can't this show be about my needs? Gonorrhea interrupts to ask how many Germans they estimate are manning the area, and Winters can't answer that, so Gonorrhea snorts scornfully; our newest rivalry is born. Gonorrhea now occupies Ross's old position -- which, when you think about it in an altered context, also sounds like a Very Special Episode of Friends.

Winters gives Hall and a trooper called Lorraine -- who mans a Jeep -- permission to join the Easy Company offensive. So add them to the roster.

Easy darts quietly through a decimated cabbage patch, and Winters crawls into a rusted, blown-out vehicle so he can ogle Germans through the windshield but remain relatively protected. Counting three cannons instead of the anticipated four, he bolts to where Compton is hiding and calls over the other men. They hunker down behind spiky bushes only half-full of leaves, having approached the German Battery from behind the trench that the enemy dug to connect its three MG-42s. The plan is this: Petty and the Heartbreakers will divert German fire enough so that Compton, Gonorrhea, and Malarkey can sneak into the trenches and capture the first gun. Donnie and Ranney will hide on another side and divert German fire in that new direction if absolutely necessary; also, they'll deliver the disabling TNT as soon as Gun One is taken. Winters will, uh, "supervise." That's the beauty of being the boss. ["That's damn right." -- Wing Chun]

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Band of Brothers




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