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Day Of Days

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Day Of Days

German bullets are still flying, this time hitting the giant metal gun with a telltale clang. Up in his tree fort, Donnie tells Ranney that they need to hustle because Easy has captured Gun One. Winters, meanwhile, shouts over the din for Compton to take Gun Two, first with grenades and then with follow-up gunfire. "Go!" he shouts. Compton, Toye, and Gonorrhea take off, with the former prepping a grenade that he launches toward Gun Two. Storming the trenches, they encounter a frightened German soldier begging for mercy. "Don't make dead," he stammers over and over. "Shut the fuck up!" yells a frustrated Toye, smacking him with the butt of a rifle.

This is pandemonium; I've lost track of Petty and the Heartbreakers. Back at Gun One, Winters panics because he can't fathom where Donnie is with the vital TNT; while he checks into it, Winters orders Malarkey to reload and keep up the incessant gunfire. Malarkey eyes a German corpse lying in the battlefield; he decides the "Kraut" might have a coveted Luger pistol, and his kid brother sure does want one for Christmas. The aptly named Malarkey, in a move that's a total load of it, scampers into the devastation and pats down the cadaver, only to find nothing but an air horn. Cursing, and as his comrades protest wildly, Malarkey stands up and runs right back to the trench, diving into it amid a torrent of bullets. "Stupid Mick!" screams Gonorrhea.

Winters panics because he still needs TNT, and Donnie isn't around; we then see Donnie back where he started, treating Popeye's gushing rump wound and trying to comfort the embarrassed soldier. "Think this is a ticket home?" Popeye asks, hopefully. Donnie just laughs. "You just got here!" he grins, then rallies the remaining Easy Company soldiers and makes a push toward Gun One.

Hall heard Winters's cry for TNT, and produces some from his pack. It would've been nice if he'd offered that up a bit sooner, given the apparent scarcity of dynamite, but I suppose someone has to maintain the irony of Easy Company's name. Shoving the TNT down the giant gun barrel, Hall waits for Winters to light it with a flare, and then all men take cover. The cannon is blown into uselessness. Winters commands Hall and Malarkey to defend the area further while he checks up on Compton & Co. at Gun Two. The camera gives us a frontal of Winters's run through the trench, bouncy and jerky and somewhat dizzying to watch. When he catches up with Compton, the duo holes up in the crude trench shelter and watches the Germans; apparently, Easy Company has them so confused that they're firing on their own men, who still operate Gun Three. Compton grins, and they agree to let the Germans destroy each other while they catch up on the whereabouts of their men.

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Band of Brothers




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