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The next day, Speirs grills More about Hitler's personal photo albums. "So you looked at 'em but didn't take 'em?" Speirs asks, annoyed. More insists he didn't take the books. Speirs doesn't believe him, but Talbert interrupts the confrontation, and Speirs has to let it slide. "I'll be watching you," Speirs spits at More. "You'd better not be lying to me." More turns and exits with a smug smirk on his face. Clearly, he lied through his teeth. Clearly, on the inside, More is running around in a circle waving the snapshots and whooping and wiggling his ass in Speirs's face. I'm not sure why the albums are an issue for Speirs -- he's probably just pissed that someone else snagged them first.

Peeved, Speirs turns his attention to Talbert. "Sir, if it's not going to put you in too much of a bind, I'd like to resign as Company 1st Sergeant," he blurts, relieved just to get out the words. "If I had my choice...I miss being back amongst the men." Speirs gruffly acknowledges this. "I guess you've earned the right to demote yourself," he says. The expression on Speirs's face is classic. He's baffled out of his gourd, and suddenly wants nothing more than to crawl back into the gourd-womb and curl up with a cup of coffee and some relaxing Dostoevsky. But first, he sends Talbert to replace Sgt. Grant, reporting to Lt. Peacock. Delighted, Talbert salutes his boss. "Let me know if he gives you any trouble," Speirs mutters. God, this actor is good -- it's so obvious he respects Talbert's action enormously despite not fully agreeing with it, and he even manages to imbue his words with traces of affection even as his character tries desperately to maintain the façade of disaffected remove. Speirs, it seems, is as attached to Easy as Winters was. He is Easy. Ooh, I wish that was true. Talbert starts to leave, then pauses to ask whether Speirs has made his decision. "Yeah, I did," Speirs sighs.

"Anything else on your mind?" Winters asks. He and Speirs casually stroll through the encampment. Speirs broaches the subject of Easy. "I know Easy Company's going to need a CO post-war -- somebody to hold their hands, keep them from killing each other," he says, a tinge of humor in his words. "It had better be somebody who knows what they're doing." Winters nods, interested. Amused, even. Speirs adds that it's thoroughly irresponsible to leave Easy in the wrong hands, because the company is a valuable military resource. "I couldn't agree more," Winters grins. He hops inside a Jeep and swivels to face his well-chosen replacement as Easy CO. "So you've decided to stay in the Army?" he asks, obviously delighted but containing the depth of his emotion. Speirs nods. He will stay with Easy. Winters praises the decision and leaves, a grinning and gleeful Speirs standing in the Jeep's wake. Go Speirs! Rock on with your Easy self.

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Band of Brothers




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