Band of Brothers
The Breaking Point

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The Breaking Point

Morning dawns on Foy. Donnie isn't sure we quite get that Winters couldn't remove Dike from power based only on gut feelings, so he repeats it for out benefit and coughs up an anvil onto his shoe. Winters outlines the battle plan to Dike. The men must traverse an eighth of a mile of open field in order to reach Foy, but there's little cover on that short stretch, so speed is essential. Winters set up a group of light machine guns at either end of the field to provide covering fire. Item Company will lead the 3rd battalion toward Foy from the east to help draw attention away from Easy, and Dog Company will be in reserve, although Winters doubts Easy will need it. Dike nods and looks pensive, as though he's digesting this, although he's clearly more concerned with how far his wussy legs can carry him before he's considered a deserter. Winters sums up: get to Foy faster than the Germans can gear up the mortar and artillery fire. Speed, speed, speed. And, speed. "I'm relying on you," Winters hammers. "Get. It. Done." Dike meets his gaze, then yawns. Winters, pissed, kicks him in the nose, feeds him a box of bullets, then tickles Dike so fiercely that his mouth becomes a lethal weapon.

The attack begins. Easy scampers across the field while snipers fell a few of the fellows. At least one tank is prepared enough to fire. Liebgott makes it as far as a building, inside which three Germans have hidden; he and a few others prepare to smoke the bitches out. There's total confusion now, because gunfire is deluging the area and Dike has lost track of 1st platoon. Dike panics and tells everyone to stop, despite only having covered part of the stretch toward Foy. From the tree line, Winters frantically screams for everyone to keep moving, which directly counters Dike's confused cries to halt and fall back. This buys the Germans more time, which contravenes Winters's orders yet again. He is irate. Explosions are everywhere. The men try to take cover when ordered to, but look totally angry and annoyed at this disorganized disaster. They run every which way, while voices scream out instructions. It looks like a square-dancing convention gone horribly, horribly wrong.

Winters seethes that he wants Dike on that radio right now. Soldiers surround Dike and demand to know why they stopped. His head swimming, Dike stares at the angry faces and everything in his sights slows down to a crawl. Men are screaming at him for a plan. "I don't know!" he screams. Luz throws the phone at him and tells him to get on the horn with Winters immediately. Dike shakes off the trauma and blathers that he wants 1st platoon -- under Lt. Foley, probably Peacock's replacement -- to slink around the village and attack from the rear. Donnie yells that the rest of the men can't just stay put; it's a death trap. They're outclassed by the range and devastating power of German infantry weapons. He's also upset that 1st platoon will be alone out there. "We will provide suppressing fire!" stammers Dike. "We're gonna be kind of alone out there, Lieutenant," shouts a soldier. "WE WILL PROVIDE SUPPRESSING FIRE!" Dike shrieks, insane again.

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Band of Brothers




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