Band of Brothers
The Breaking Point

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The Breaking Point

Jolly men sing "I've been working on the railroad, all the livelong day," as the videographer films the jubilation. Donnie exposits that they cleared Foy and took more than one hundred German prisoners in the process. Suddenly, a sniper kills two singing soldiers, and everyone races for cover. Dried blood crusts the right side of Donnie's face, still there from his earlier close call. Donnie can't see the sniper, so he leans out again and spots the rifleman aiming right at him. Whipping back around the wall, he tells Shifty Powers exactly where to shoot and melodramatically begs him, "Don't miss, Shifty." Bracing himself, Donnie then bolts out across the street to draw the sniper's attention, having drunk of the Speirs goblet and colored himself heroic. The man gets off one missed shot at Donnie before Shifty slays him with a well-placed single shot. Everyone cheers. The peril is no more.

As the men clean up Foy, Donnie reveals for us that Mellot, Herron, Sowasko, and Ken Webb died from the sniper's fire. "Would've been more if it hadn't been for Shifty Powers," he says. Randleman approaches, carrying little Perconte on his back. "Shot me right through my ass," he grins. "Hang tough," Donnie smiles back, as Jordan, Jon, and little Joey wipe their runny noses and slap a lawsuit on his been-around-the-block behind. They start to leave until Perconte calls out, "Is it true about Dike?" Donnie nods. "Thank God for small miracles," sighs Perconte. I'd have chosen much ruder language, something starting with "a" end ending with "sshole bastard wimp." Randleman and his cargo trudge away. As Donnie takes a walk and leaves smoking, burning Foy behind him, he shares his relief that the specter of the Foy offensive is finally behind them. "I guess a lot of the men thought once we'd taken Foy, they'd take us off the line and ship us to Mourmelon for a breather," he says. "That wasn't to be." Easy took two more towns, Novelle and Rachamps, a few days later, in a siege apparently not fit for television.

Inside the Rachamps church, a choir sings gentle hymns to soothe Easy's demolished spirit. Donnie tells us that it was their first night indoors in a month. Liebgott, Randleman, and Talbert stare morosely into the distance, seated in pews and letting the idyllic, peaceful setting wash over them. The room is cast in an orange glow. "It was heaven," Donnie shares, adding that the men had been told they'd go to Mourmelon soon for relaxation and recuperation. "Of course, in the morning, we found out Mourmelon would wait," because Hitler had attacked toward Alsace and Easy would be deployed to Haganau to hold part of that line. "We didn't know it yet," Donnie says. "That night, we were okay."

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Band of Brothers




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